Will include white fur bedcover ….

Some people spend hours reading YOU Magazine for their guilty little pleasures.

Me? I like to troll through Gumtree.  I get to see all sorts of things that make me go What??  Or Why??  I found a double bed spiderman duvet cover once that a guy was selling …. that has been my fondest find.

Today I started as I was looking for a metal garden bench, couldn’t find one, then I started scrolling around aimlessly.

Every now and then I get an absolute treasure (guilty pleasure) on Gumtree.

Today’s one was a “single bed, including mattress and designer bed-base, which includes a large storage section underneath <<all sounds pretty good up to here, but then the entire thing just gets a bit bizaree>>……. covered in stylish gloss black snakeskin (imported).  Will include white fur bedcover……”

More disturbing …. 450 views …..

I know this bed must have a story ….. I think I would like to put my fingers in my ears and go la-la-la-la-la loudly and repeatedly until I stop hearing the sound of the jungle ……