First Day of School …. might help to be organised ….

Right now a bouncing ball and a fly on the outside of the window is distracting.

I struggle to stay hinged to a conversation flow, and to complete a thought — all I want to do is drink a mug of tea, and then switch it up to a large glass of Chenin after 5pm and stare blankly at blog posts and pinterest.

My mind happily skimming over the surface of life, no one asking me to clean up shit, or when we can go play at Daniel’s house or what is for dinner.  Just the quiet and silent oblivion of internet crap and liquid down my gullet.

Signs of trouble?  You betcha.

This morning (which is the day before school – Connor is going to grade 4, first day of school for Georgia, so sort of a big deal) I asked Kennith if he had got the stationery for the kids.

I had seen a pencil list lying on the kitchen counter and I assumed he had picked this one up as a task he was doing.

Kennith responded: No one asked me!

Me: Shit. <<silently wondering that no one had asked me either, but it seemed to be on my list of things to do …. but I will let that slide ….>>

It will mean that today will be running to get the last of the stationery at the stores that more prepared mothers have left behind.  1/2 of what I need will be missing.

Tonight I will get to sit with a marker and write Georgia or Connor onto 3 000 items of stationery as I develop arthritis in my writing hand.


I thought we were organised this year.  We went and bought school uniforms on the 23 December.  We were the only people in the school uniform store.  I thought we had score a touch down and were the most organised parents.

Kennith bought Georgia a cool school bag, so I was so sure.

But like Christmas Eve when you realise you have not bought a present for your significant other and need to do the mad dash to Checkers and see if there is anything on their shelves you can wrap, today/tonight is fill stationery-list day.

Of course the catch is that I do not actually have the stationery lists so I need to go and find those.  Fabulous.

Officially the most disorganised and dysfunctional mother of January 2012.

<<my pill doctor office appears to be closed …. seriously if you are responsible for issuing medication to less than stable people, then you do not go on leave …. I mean seriously….seriously??…..>>

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  1. Thanks for making the rest of us feel normal Celeste 🙂 The forms for my daughters creches (which I’d got around June 2011) are still not 100% complete. After needing to get a new set of forms (cos the original set was misplaced), I’ve been back & forth like 5 times cos first I didn’t have the requisite 2 sets of ID sized photos for each parent & the kid & anyone else who might fetch the kid once in a blue moon; then I had to go back cos I hadn’t got signatures from the requisite 2 witnesses. Then I had to go back cos I’d filled in the immunization section all funny getting all the dates screwed up.

    Luckily I did get one thing right & that’s the shopping list 🙂

  2. Anita

     /  January 11, 2012

    Surely there has to be a business opportunity for some intrepid person here? Like most things, if you buy in bulk it’s cheaper. Why do schools not consider putting together the stationery packs for each grade at a set cost that you can pre-order from the school? It would be a great fundraising opportunity for them instead of those ridiculous raffles that get sent home with alarming regularity. That way there will also be fewer “I want a sharpener like Jane’s” arguments for parents to deal with when faced with an already astronomical stationery bill!

    • Charlotte

       /  January 11, 2012

      Anita, Waltons has deals with the school in my area that you can pre order everything and they deliver it on the first day of school or something.

  3. Kennith

     /  January 10, 2012

    15 Items on a school list…this is what the hassle is about. After work, I will go to Canal Walk shopping centre which is across the road from your work while you can update your blog and facebook post instead…makes perfect sense.

  4. Charlotte

     /  January 10, 2012

    Amandalynn’s list has been on my fridge since beginning of December and she started school on on Monday and I have hardly gotten anything. I FORGOT! She has the basics so she’s good for now. Might do some shopping over the weekend.

  5. Sharon

     /  January 10, 2012

    Sounds like you’re having a fantastic day!

  6. countesskaz

     /  January 10, 2012


  7. The mere thought of having to do stationary shopping one day scares the shit out of me. I hate large crowds. Makes me claustrophobic.
    Last minute rushing also sends me into a blind panic.
    Stress is not a good look for me! lol!


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