All quiet on the home front … for now …

I am not convinced my chat yesterday with Pepe was not received with joy and wonder.

Today she came in and I am not sure if I felt a sense of “something is off” or that I was just really uncomfortable with the entire situation.  But I was and am uncomfortable, and I slink around her, as I wait for the bomb to drop.

The bomb in this analogy is her resigning.

Pepe carried on as normal today, though I could feel there was a tension in the air.’When I am nervous and really tense I start to sound chipper and perky.  Me and chipper and perky are not a good combination and would unsettle anyone.

I took Dexter to the vet early this morning, as he was now poo’ing and voming and both included blood.

Vet did some blood work and had to go and “get a stool sample…” None of the results show anything, but Dexter was given two injections, a full check over, more deworming tablets, and three sets of medication which I need to give him to try to stabilise his tummy.

I have also put him on Eukanuba Puppy Digestion kibble and we will see how that fares.  I will wait 24 hours and if he is not better then he may need to do a vet+drip+24 hours stunt.

I hate that I feel so uncomfortable around Pepe.  I keep “waiting and expecting” her to tell me that she will be resigning, or what ever is worse.

I know I may have sounded glib yesterday, but seriously if Pepe leaves me I will be what ever the term is when you pass devastated and you just ran past gutted.  My little world, he would crumble – if you had seen me go nuts before, it is nothing in comparison to how I look when I get a Dear Janet letter from my domestic help.

On another matter – Isabelle went to her “school for an open day” today.  She had her outfit on, her hair in pigtails, her pink K-Way kids back-pack on and off we went to school.

I love the school, and I am thrilled she is there.  There were a lot of really new shiny moms, who asked questions like: “If my child is upset will you sms me … so I know how he is doing?”

“What should I pack in her lunch box?”

Shiny happy moms make me nervous, so I suddenly got really interested in a box of plastic dinosaurs.

Isabelle did not disappoint, and got into a little shoving match with a little girl name Lea over a little wooden toy.  In Isabelle’s defense, Lea did push first, but Isabelle was not going to be outdone, so came back with a might shove.  But Lea, who I was immediately fond of, shoved Isabelle back – and Isabelle was a good 5kg heavier than this little petite girl.

As Lea’s  dad pulled her away from Isabelle, Lea kicked out her leg to give Isabelle a kick in the shins.  I felt a bit more secure that other kids might also “not play well with others…” so that did reassure me a bit.

Officially she starts school on Tuesday.  I am thrilled for Isabelle and her new school.

However I am a bit distracted with mentally trying to make plans as I really think that Pepe is going to tell me to shove my job and abandon me.  Is it too soon to start skimming through gumtree??


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  1. julz

     /  January 13, 2012

    Did I mention I fired our maid. So easy to do when they don’t pitch up for work and Neil and I are both back at the office on Monday should she arrive. Not big on confrontation either.

  2. julz

     /  January 13, 2012

    Lets pretend this is Moomie shall we and you are say EP. This would be my response to you:

    Well done for quite rightly telling your employee (she is just that, nothing more really) that it is in her job description to clear up after your dogs.

    I am sure that there will be tension for a few days, but I it will blow over.

    I think it is reasonable for Pepe to clean up if the dog messes in the house and clean up any poos outside if this is your arrangement, however a doggy with a tummy bug in my opinion may be asking a bit much of her.

    RM I hope poor Dexter feels better soon and good on Isabelle for standing up for herself.

  3. I so feel your pain. I am exactly the same. My nanny has to be at work by 8:00m she pitches up anytime between 8:15 and 8:30 and it makes my blood BOIL! I just cannot be firm with her! Well done on taking a stand! Because at the end of the day it IS her JOB.

  4. Kennith

     /  January 13, 2012

    Remember when our first maid left, the one we got from Anita, and the world came to an end, but then we got Jennifer and Jennifer was the best maid ever, and then Jennifer left and the world came to an end and then we got Daisy and Daisy was the best maid ever (and she actually was the best maid ever) but she left and the world ended as we would not find someone who could do the job, and before Daisy was out of the door, we got Pepe.

    There are 100 000’s of Pepe’s out there…seriously. Pepe is great, but if she left we would get an upgrade…Pepe 2.1 with extra ram and mobile capabilities.

  5. Sharon

     /  January 13, 2012

    I think the tension you feel is most likely coming from your own dislike of confrontation. I highly doubt Pepe would leave you over something like dog poo. She may be a little pissed off, but she’ll get over it.
    Hang in there!
    And how exciting for Isabelle to be starting school!

  6. Charlotte

     /  January 13, 2012

    Again! Pepe will not leave you!

    Secondly: So happy that Isabelle had a great time and I can promise you that her and Lea will be life long friends!


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