Reality TV … just not my reality ….

I read Sharon’s post on “What Reality TV has taught Me” and it reminded me of my penchant for E-Entertainment.  I nodded my head in agreement when I read her post <<granted I nod my head often when I read her posts>>

I am not a big television watcher, as I don’t have the time.  Lately I have just realised it is not enjoyable.

When I do have the time, I would rather be doing something else.  Usually sleeping, or reading, but just something else.

I used to often put E-Entertainment on to unwind when I had a few minutes, but I found that I was always watching the Kardashians doing something.

I am as intrigued by Kim Kardashian as the rest of the human species, but at some point I realised “shit this woman really irritates me” – two non-relevant facts 1.  Do you know that her dad was OJ lawyer?  2. Before she was the “celebrity” she is now, she used to pop along to rich people and help them organise their wardrobes.  True story!

It might have occurred after she spent a few million on a wedding and it last 39 minutes.  One minute she was in a white bikini which his name on her arse, and the next she was filing papers for “irreconcilable” differences.  I am not sure I can have the same respect for her once she bedazzled Mrs Humphries on her arse.

I realised the amount of time that family wastes of our precious time, and how much money is thrown at them to do it.  It is all so senseless.  I am fine with senseless entertainment.  I may even entertainment that involves dwarf throwing onto velro … I might if it was entertaining and if little people were having a good time.

But Kim and her troupé are just not entertaining, or maybe they are and the video editing specialist just suck.

I cannot deny she is drop dead gorgeous.  I cannot deny that I am jealous that she has gone from obscurity to probably one of the most “popular” people in the world, but what exactly is she contributing to my life or yours?

I have never heard something come out of her mouth (or her families) that makes me go, yes, I have learnt something new today.  Kim I want to be her.  Can’t say I have ever had that thought.

I realised that when I watch E the flashing lights and the high-pitched sound, started to affect the way I felt and reacted.  I know there are warnings about light sensitivity and so on, I am sure that is not the case, but the channel does make me feel anxious and a bit jumpy.  Granted most things do at the moment.

I could not put my finger on it exactly, but something about that channel started to make me feel “not great” – unfortunately it also made me want to sit there for three hours and absorb everything about the Kardashian clan.

At some point I realised, that watching people just because they were put in front of us to watch, is probably not the best way to while away time.

The Kardashians do not add any value to my life – I walk away from that show having lost a few hours of my life, and for some reason prizing being well made up with nothing intelligent to say as a commodity.

There is nothing about watching them for four hours that makes me feel good, teaches me something, makes me feel like I have improved my lot in life.

It does make me question how it is possible that these girls can have perfect hair and makeup all day and all the time, but you never see them touching their makeup up.

They are totally hairless, but you never see them have to go and have their hair removed.

There never appears to be anyone around making their bed, washing their floors, cleaning their lounge, but they never do any chores.

The girls never appear to be sitting with a wad of bills wondering how the fuck they are going to pay them.

They never stand in queues at the local grocery store waiting to pay for their trolley of goods, whilst their hungry, tired child is screaming for a chocolate bar.  They never go grocery shopping, but some how there are always groceries.

The girls never appear to have a real emotion.  Everything appears to be “placed before us” and we eat it up as it is reality because it is called “reality television.”

Reality is not perfect hair.  Reality is root regrowth and not having time to make an appointment to get it seen to.

Reality is not perfect makeup.  Reality is digging in your bag with one hand, whilst you drive to drop kids off in the morning, and attempt to put makeup on, while you listen to Cape Talk, ask your kid’s their homework, and discuss the latest adventures of the Smurfs.

Reality is not perfect manicured hands and feet. Reality is one toe nail ripped off, 9 chipped toe nails, and one thumb nail hanging on because you have covered it with a band-aid until you get time in your day to phone to make an appointment, let alone go.

Reality is not bouncing out of bed, with perfect clothing and your house miraculously being clean.  Reality is lying in bed ignoring the screaming in your house and hoping the kids leave you alone for 5 more minutes so you can just sleep a bit more.

Reality is waking up to find your 2-year-old has emptied the sugar into the washing machine, and made herself a peanut butter sandwich, and put peanut butter all over the counter, kettle and knife drawer.

Reality is standing there amongst the chaos of your kitchen in your dirty jammies, your hair that looks like a bird shat in it, your leg hairs at varying degrees of growth as you stand in your dirty kitchen sipping your cup of Earl Grey tea wondering how you can suck up the energy to get through this day.

That is reality.

The Kardashians do not add value to my life, and at the end of the day what exactly am I watching them for?

That is not and will never be my reality, and I am starting to worry that we are being sold that idea of REALITY, and we are gullible enough to just eat it up.  I would venture to say it is not entertainment either – there is no relaxing or fun to be had from watching this ridiculous family script their way through a propped up life.

Anyway long blurb, short blurb is E Entertainment is no longer on my list of things to watch.  Ah well, there is always Crime Channel and Comedy Channel.

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  1. rbox

     /  February 10, 2012

    Thank you so much for your article! I, too, was feeling “not great” after watching the Kardashians and couldn’t quite place what it was. What first drew me was admiring the work of their talented makeup artists and stylists, which I liked incorporating into my own style. Second, the communication they have as a family – taking away the dysfunction aspect, I liked incorporating that idea of communication into my own personal relationships.

    But then, I started to feel that “not great” feeling and I couldn’t quite understand why. Your article cleared it up for me – it’s not reality and even though I and everyone else in America know that, there’s still something about being shown the beautiful images paired with the words “reality” and “life” that trigger an association in your brain that overrides logic. I started to feel inadequate – that my life didn’t have enough drama, enough femininity, enough admirers/followers. Disgusting.

    So I think I will take my Kardashians in small doses now, perhaps on mute, to admire their dress and makeup and nothing else.

    Thank you again.

  2. I agree with you but I still find myself drawn to reality TV – any reality TV. We dont have DSTV so my time is limited to when we are at my MIL or on holiday where there is DSTV and free time.

    But when I do have access I can sit and watch Kardashians, Play Girls, Rich Bride Poor Bride, Master Chef, Housewives of Orange County – WHATEVER – I just sit glued to their sheer falseness – it fascinates me!

  3. Hear, hear!!!

  4. Sharon

     /  January 24, 2012

    It is revolting. The Kardashians, just another example of how stupid became cool!


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