Am I the only one wanting to run away from this year?

What the hell happened?  No seriously, what the hell happened to this year.

It is the first week of February and I feel like I have already been beaten by a rather larger, heavy and wet stick.

I am totally stuffed, and it is only the first week of February.  I have already suggested that I need a (several) weekends off, away from the kids – I just want to eat, read, drink tea, and sleep, and then repeat cycle, until I do not want to do any of the above.

I do not feel well rested.  I do not feel like I have built up sufficient resources to get through this stupid year.

The idea that I need to get through 10 months of this year before it is the “end” paralyses me with fear.

I do not have the resources to survive this year based on where I am and that I still need to cover a few dozen school books, do school projects that are given to me in the last minute, clean up dog poo as the stupid dog refuses to be house trained, probably go through the entire recruitment exercise to locate a new Pepe, make decisions about whether to eat a McMuffin or drink Herbalife every morning – for the record McMuffin has pretty much won hands down this week, and the rest of the stuff that life has to offer.

I am totally frayed and exhausted and have zero emotional cushion for this year ahead.

It is the first week of February, and I seriously cannot do an hour a day of driving kids to and from school, with them fighting and bitching and arguing.

I seriously cannot get through another hour trapped inside my car, with three kids fighting about who is looking out their window or who is touching who.

You know when you grab the steering wheel, and your knuckles go white and inside your head you are convinced you have burst an artery.  I am already at that point, and it is February.

I am actually trying to brace myself at the moment for the drive home with kids, I really really cannot do it today.

The next person who tells me to “savour every moment” is going to get a slap.  through the face. with a rusty spade.

On a related topic.

It is the first week of February, and I miss Aden Thomas on 567 more than I can say.

I listen to 567 Cape Talk when I drive the kids around.  I really am not a fan of loud incessant music, so the chatter of good folk, warms and often calms my soul.  I like to hear adults talk about adult things, in a fairly intellectual manner, and open subjects up to debate.  I learn something most days listening to Cape Talk.

This year I am stuck with Kieno Kammies.

Oh gawd, it has all gone so horribly wrong, and so quickly – I barely had a chance to regroup.  One minute I was happily listening to CapeTalk and bracing myself for the day, next thing I was wondering if I would have to find another radio station.

I love 567 Cape Talk.

Or I used to love 567 Cape Talk.

Now I am feeling somewhat betrayed that I am having to suffer the village idiot in the morning.

Could I not have Redi at 6 – 9am and who ever wants to listen from 9 take Kieno. Actually if Kieno went on from 13h00 – 15h00 there would be less of a chance that I hear his voice.  Africa, could I interest you in an early morning slot?

I feel more passionately about this than the referendum from 1994 or what ever.  I would so stand in a queue on this issue.

I would swap, good grief, I would so swap him right now.  If I had the power, I would push the copy and paste button and switch their schedules.

Aden Thomas used to ease me into my morning, and he was the calm in my morning drop off mania – he was the calm voice of reason – I chuckled with him, and sometimes I disagreed with him, but I still liked to listen to him

Now I have Kieno who makes me want to stop the car.  Dig in the boot to find my kid’s school bag.  Rummage through it for their stationery bag, then find an HB pencil and STAB MYSELF IN THE EAR.

I am almost sure a ruptured ear drum would be less painful than Kieno Kammies.

This morning I turned off the radio at a certain point as I could no longer bear him.

I ask you with tears in my blue eyes – karma what the fk are you doing to me?  What am I left with in the morning?

Screaming, arguing kids … that is what!!!!

Aden please come back.  Can we send Kieno where ever it is that you went, and leave him there?

I cannot do this year already.  I know I can’t do it with Kieno Kammies … when life hands you lemons, find an annoying kid with a paper cut!!

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  1. julz

     /  February 7, 2012

    I missed the morning team before Aden, then Aden came along and my morning was all out of whack, but I grew to like him. Alot. And now he is gone and it isn’t the same. Keino just doesn’t do it for me, but maybe he will improve. I seriously don’t know why I can’t leave Cape Talk. I love it. I agree, Redi should get up earlier.

    As for the three kids, I can’t be much help other than to suggest a large motor bike with a double side car.

    Surely if it is legal to allow dogs to travel in a dog trailer, kids could too. You could strap them in an all. Or you need to hire a limo. One where you can press a button and that black window slides up.

    Or duct tape.

    • reluctantmom

       /  February 7, 2012

      I so wish Keimo would improve …. I have been tyring, but right now I have switched to KFM …………

  2. I also desparately need a weekend(s) away but my hubby seems to think that we need a weekend away together rather. Really, I would rather read and drink tea(or wine) than spend the weekend shagging (and you know that is what would happen if he went with). Maybe later in the year!
    I can’t offer any advice on Pepe, it is very sad that she is going. But you should switch to Kfm, even if you have to listen to the music. I think Aden Thomas is on between 9 and 1 there, or is it another Aden? Kieno once threw up on my friend’s white couch after eating red meat and drinking red wine(a lot). Lucky he is their friend and not ours! Never saw him again after that!
    Is there not a shuttle service in your area that you could use? If you can afford it I found it very useful last year and well worth the extra expense.

  3. Hilary

     /  February 7, 2012

    Kennith for flip sake please hire a driver for the kids!

  4. Oh gosh. I know, and I feel for you. But Redi , good grief no!

  5. countesskaz

     /  February 7, 2012

    I’ve deleted a few comments, coz they all sounded sanctimonious and patronising.
    Start with a List of changes:
    1. Pepe’s replacement
    2. Organise a petition to lynch irratating DJ
    3. Go away for dirty weekend with hubby sans shagging
    4. Tape buff tape over kids mouths for duration of trips in car


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