When your kid posts sh*t about you on Facebook ….

There is this great video on youtube at the moment.

In summary.  There is a girl named Hannah who is 15, nearly 16.  She is unsatisfied that she has way too many chores around the house, and balancing that with going to school is just too much.  As we all were at that age.

Unfortunately she has access to Facebook, which she feels is a private enough platform to post a rant about her parents, and their treatment of her.

She is unhappy about all the work she has to do, and has the usual issues that 15/16 year olds have.

Her first mistake was to post a rant about her parents on Facebook when her father (Jordan) is in IT …. oh dear, clearly from there it all goes downhill.

Her second mistake was to think that her parents would not see it.

Her third mistake was to argue with a man who wears a cowboy hat and owns a hand gun.

Her fourth mistake was to leave the house and leave her laptop, with her father, who wears a cowboy hat and has a handgun, and a few hollow point bullets lying around.

Her fifth mistake was to not think her father was not going to see the post, or see the rant, or suggest that she will hate the day when her parents can’t wipe their arse, and that she won’t be there when it happens.

Her sixth mistake …. well, it does not really matter as she is now grounded until 2026, she has to buy her own laptop, as the old one has 6 bullets in it, and I am thinking she can shove the 16th birthday party she was hoping to get up her freaking arse.

Do I think it was right that her father put 6 bullets into her laptop?

Damn toot’n YES!!  I don’t think it was wrong.

I think he got his message across, no one was hurt, no one was injured, and Hannah (if she has learnt something here) knows her father does not muck around with this type of thing.

I think we can have a debate for ages about whether he did the responsible thing, and how great is his parenting – and whether you should be using violence in reaction to your children to teach them a lesson.

Personally, I do think that kids need a bit of force in some instances, and this pussy-footing parent where we all sing kumba-ya around the fire is not really working for me.

Jordan did not fire the gun at his daughter, near her, or when she was at the house – the pan out video clearly shows that he lives in what appears to be a large open area, and gun fire barely made the cow raise its head in the distance.

Jordan destroyed property that was his, he had given it to his daughter and she was using it as a vehicle to teach her a lesson.

I think there is way too much focus on how we must parent along this invisible line of what is right according to this “social pressure”.

Based on my experience with kids in public places, birthday parties and at my kid’s school, I am thinking this “responsible mature parenting vehicle” is not really working, and sometimes use of a handgun in an open field is not the worst thing I have ever heard of.

I instantly liked Jordan, the father.  My guess is he is frustrated and the “right” method of trying to adjust his daughter’s behaviour has not worked, so he is taking it to the next level.

I am going to hold this video and show it to my kids in two years time, then every night of their birthday until they are 21, or have moved out of the house.






















































<<click on the above image and the link should take you to the you tube video>>

Dad of the Year?  Or lunatic dad and poor daughter who needs a new laptop?

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  1. julz

     /  February 19, 2012

    I can see how one would get so annoyed you would want to do this. The video was great. Shooting the laptop, not so sure, but I am sure it will get a whole lot of kids thinking out there.

  2. countesskaz

     /  February 17, 2012

    It IS extreme to shoot a laptop. I mean, it’s not normal everyday behaviour. But the daughter must have been “boering” on her laptop bigtime to warrant such a reaction. Especially if she’d been badmouthing her folks.

    He caught her out, he reacted to what he saw and she hopefully learnt about extreme consequences for her extreme bahaviour.
    He IS the parent at the end of the day. It might be the making of her character!

  3. I agree. That Dad rocks!

  4. Well, I take my hat off to him. Dad let off his steam without hurting anyone! And the 15yr old got pwned!

  5. Sharon

     /  February 17, 2012

    Yeah! I’m with you Celeste! I don’t see there was any “violence” in this video. For me violence is when someone gets physically hurt and no one was! You go dad!

  6. Charne

     /  February 17, 2012

    Lunatic dad!!!!but daughter definitely doesn’t deserve new laptop. Perhaps, just taking it away and giving it to a school or library or something would have taught a better lesson? Shooting it is a tad bit much.

  7. Colleen

     /  February 17, 2012

    classic, teaches his clearly spoilt and over indulged daughter 🙂 Good on him.

  8. Tan

     /  February 17, 2012

    OMW I so want to show my oldest this.

    I am so with this guy. Thanks for sharing


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