Still gabbing on about the Chemist ….

I tend to have absolute faith in doctors and chemists. (dentists too actually….)

I like to see them as these infallible creatures who are able to dispense information, wisdom and good health.  When I sit in the doctor’s chair, my brain leaves me, my IQ drops and I am a sponge to what ever they say.  I am the patient, they are the miraculous healer!

I hand the responsibility of my  health over to the person sitting on the other side of the desk, with an MD certificate.  Doctors (and chemists) are almost godlike in my eyes – not to be questioned, to be thanked with a small, yet gracious, bow or curtsy.

Yesterday’s realisation that they are actually fallible, and make mistakes, unfortunately does shake the foundations of my belief system a bit.

Granted all I have to show is that I had three months of feeling “not quite right…” but it could have been worse.

I had the benefit of having a few months of intensive “psyche care” last year, so I knew that I had something to fall back on as things start to shake slightly off their center axis over here.

But, for someone else that situation might not have been that supportive.  Their breaking point might have come earlier.

I don’t feel an overriding urge to go to my chemist and stand there and throw my toys.  This does not take away from the fact that I feel angry that I have had to do this slide and this crumble, when in fact I did not have to go through this.  I could have continued on my road to the “unicorns and zen gardens” but instead did a little detour through Hades.

I do feel I want to take my little tupperware dish and go and explain to him the situation, so possibly he uses this as a “ah hah” moment to take more care going forward.

The part that makes it difficult is that I start to think “I am sure this was my error….” or “Chemists are much too important to worry about my trivial little issue…” or “I am sure it is nothing, I will just leave it …..”

I know I should go to the Chemist and show him that he did muck up … but it makes me feel uncomfortable, and I start to feel guilty that somehoe this was my fault <>

For now I will take my “new” stuff and wait for the cracks and tears to heal up ….

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  1. You know, you should complain. Whether you throw your toys or not. You should still complain. We have all become complacent and service levels and care has dropped because people don’t take the time out to complain when we should. So people just carry on unaware of their errors. I am busy formulating letters to the Specialists that treated my son – something so blatantly obvious – they failed to see. It irks me! So much money wasted! Hopefully it can help other parents and children.

  2. Loretta

     /  February 28, 2012

    Go and crap him out – cause its the right thing to do…. and it will make you feel better

  3. julz

     /  February 25, 2012

    We tend to treat them like Gods when they truly are human just like us. They make mistakes and sadly these days pharmacists have pharmacy assistants who also make mistakes.

    Once you are over this, you need to go and tell them. I feel that with every doctor, dentist, pharmacist, it is important that they know that they have made a mistake. It makes them a bit more aware of how serious their job is. Next time it may be a whole lot more damaging.

    I went back to my pharmacist (I actually didn’t know which one had given the wrong script as Neil fetched it) and it turned out to be the one I mentioned the serious error to and he was most apologetic. Hopefully he will be more careful from now on.

  4. countesskaz

     /  February 24, 2012

    When Molly was diagnosed as CP. I had to put my big girl panties on with doctors and paeds. John says I’m a little bit aggresive towards doctors now. They’re guilty until proven capable. Except my GP, love him to bits. Awesome man.

  5. Charlotte aka Scaredmom

     /  February 24, 2012

    When you go get your new script go to the same man, make a copy of you script to double check yourself. Tell him to double check, insist that he does. when he asks why, with a very sweet voice you tell him what happened previously with a chemist (not telling him that it was him, lets see if he can figure it out) and watch him check.

    It your meds, its your right, stand up and do it.

    PS: I will come hold your hand and be your bitchy friend that insists when you cant.

  6. We all act the same around our Doctors and Chemists, so there’s a lesson to be learnt by all of us here. They’re people, and if we treat them like gods they might just start to believe it. Dangerous. Methinks the problem lies with the chemist, he believes he is godlike and not to be questioned (wonder what gives him that idea …), so when you did question him, and rightly so – he refused to even check himself. His belief that he could never be wrong is a problem. You should go tell him. I would. But then I’m a bit of a so and so when I think a wrongs been done!!


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