Small flirtation with co-sleeping ….

Isabelle has been a bit “off” lately.

Not a raging fever.  Not a rush to the ER.  But a runny nose, a slightly old-man-cough, and she tends to get a bit “throw a tantrum” more quickly than her normal turn around time – which even by my erratic parenting standards are a bit too often for sanity.

She really is a strong willed child, and I have realised I do things “because this will be eaiser for Isabelle” – loosely translated as “Isabelle is more likely not to throw a total shit fit if I do it this way, so I am going to, as I would like to avoid the shit fit if at all possible…”

This morning – I have no idea what time it was – I stumbled in to her bedroom as she was moaning {I think, in the bright light of day I have scant memories of the incident}.  I went to her, and she is old enough to get out of bed and follow me out the room.

Which places a parent at a distinct disadvantage when saying “Stay in your bed, or else!”

Somehow small blonde, cherub faces two year old pitter-pattering behind one does tend to blow one’s sails clean asunder.

I made an impromptu decision that it was easier to drag her in to my bed, than to stand and reason with her that staying in her bed for the remainder of the night was a possibility.

She snuggled in between Kennith and I, and we all fell asleep.  I fell into such a deep sleep I forgot that she was there.

This morning when I opened my eyes.  I felt this marshmallow-warmth and milky-breath next to me and there was Isabelle,  fast asleep.

I really can’t say I am overly pro co-sleeping, partly because it does not work for me.

I am too jealous of the peace, quiet and alone time  that bedtime/my bed conjures up after a mad chaotic day, and the idea of sharing it with a little person does very little for me.

That being said, it was such a nice warm fuzzy moment to wake up and have Isabelle neatly slotted in there next to me.

Cotton-candy marshmallow warm, sweet and squishy!

<isabelle will need botox injections early, she is always scowling and frowning …..>

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  1. I just found your blog and fell in love : )

    Meghan W.

    Tee rific Tots®

  2. Robyn

     /  April 10, 2012

    She is beautiful! As for co sleeping, I kicked them out when they were a few months old and prefer it that way. However, the odd cuddle and snuggle works for me too!

  3. Alexandra

     /  April 10, 2012

    I am so with you on co-sleeping (my bed is MY bed) but it can be nice once in a while.

    P.S. I think Isabelle looks very much like you.

  4. Romaine

     /  April 4, 2012

    Isabelle is absolutely gorgeous, I Love this pic.

    I do co-sleeping with Noah and I have a full 9 hours sleep I Love my sleep and I’m not prepared to let anything come between me and my sleep. I guess I’ll have to deal with the other downsides of it at a later stage but right now my sleep is very important 🙂

  5. I had to laugh at botox

  6. Ditto ditto ditto! Especially the bit about the shit fit!

  7. Oh my soul, she is beautiful!

    And sometimes that extra bit of sleep is more important. But just sometimes.


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