When the talking never stops ….

Georgia can talk the hindlegs of a donkey.

The donkey will willingly give up his hindlegs in the hope that she will stop.  I often hope I could be a donkey when she starts talking, just so I could walk off and go and eat grass or something.

Driving home yesterday, Georgia started the story based on the fact that her plaster had come off her knee.  She wanted to keep the old plaster, get a cardboard box, paint the plaster and turn into into grass, and cut out a tree, and make a house …… and…blah blah … blah …. cow and ……and…blah blah … blah …. another house and…blah blah … blah …. princess….. and…blah blah … blah …. and it went on and on and on …….

I had no idea that an old tattered plaster had this much story in it.

Eventually, after the blood started seeping out my ears I said: Georgia, Georgia, Georgia ……GEORGIA! When do you stop talking …. for goodness sake, you have not stopped since I put you in this car …… when do you stop?

Georgia: When my story is finished ………. and then I will get a box and cut out a tree  and…blah blah … blah ….

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  1. Tania

     /  May 10, 2012

    This could be a blog post about my Emily.

  2. Ha Ha! Sorry for laughing, but my son does the same. His obsession is Pirates/sunken ships/Titanic so his stories are always on the same theme. And he stops for nothing. Until the story is finished. And then some more. When they’re teenagers, we’ll worry that they don’t talk to us enough. Imagine that? I can’t right now myself.

  3. Oh my C and she are cut from the same noisy pattern

  4. You have me in stitches I am laughing so much. I just love Georgia…

  5. Hilary

     /  April 20, 2012

    LOL it always cheers me no end to know that other mums go through this as well. When you’re stuck in that moment of hell its always so easy to think that you are unique.


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