Back to school ….

Last year there was a Cape Town Blog Hook-Up, arranged by several bloggers, one of them being Natasha over at Raising Men.

Lovely evening – me in a room full of people, but I did know a few people who made me feel slightly better.

There were some great prizes given out on the night.  And being lucky, I won a course at Friends of Design – I must confess at the time I really wanted the year’s supply of Pringles.

But those would have been long gone and I would have had only a few Pringles tins to show for it.

I decided to use my one freebie course and also do two more, so that I do a Web Design Course consisting of three modules: Adobe Flash, HTML/CSS Essential Skills and WordPress Essential Skills.

I started last night and got to sit in my first Flash course – granted I spent 15 minutes getting myself lost as I could not find the school, but enough about me being an idiot.

Not flash like run across a field and expose yourself, though there are similarities.

So look at me going all unemployed student on you.

But yay for the folks at Friends of Design.