Back to school ….

Last year there was a Cape Town Blog Hook-Up, arranged by several bloggers, one of them being Natasha over at Raising Men.

Lovely evening – me in a room full of people, but I did know a few people who made me feel slightly better.

There were some great prizes given out on the night.  And being lucky, I won a course at Friends of Design – I must confess at the time I really wanted the year’s supply of Pringles.

But those would have been long gone and I would have had only a few Pringles tins to show for it.

I decided to use my one freebie course and also do two more, so that I do a Web Design Course consisting of three modules: Adobe Flash, HTML/CSS Essential Skills and WordPress Essential Skills.

I started last night and got to sit in my first Flash course – granted I spent 15 minutes getting myself lost as I could not find the school, but enough about me being an idiot.

Not flash like run across a field and expose yourself, though there are similarities.

So look at me going all unemployed student on you.

But yay for the folks at Friends of Design.

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  1. Now the clever people will say that you are using your unemployed time to the best and retraining yourself. Good on you darling! Just remember flash does nto show on ipads.

  2. Very exciting courses you will be doing. Good luck.

  3. countesskaz

     /  April 24, 2012

    Yay for you, for not wallowing and walking around the house in a tracksuit pant and a greasy pip.

    Lucky you for having all these exciting things on your doorstep. The only design course we have on offer in these here parts is how to design an ornamental dried Autumn flower arrangement. No flashing allowed.


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