Off the couch and out the door ….

You know how when you work, you are so busy, but make these mental plans that if you had an afternoon off you would re-arrange the spice rack, cure cancer, and figure out how to reset the flashing time thing on the oven.

I also had those dreams, aspirations and misguided delusions that all full-time working people suffer from.  If only I had some time.

Since finding myself in my altered state of employment,I have proceeded to do next to nothing.  Last week I sat on the couch. Okay I lay.  Not as in the grammatical incorrect “to tell an untruth.”

I literally lay on the couch from Monday through to Wednesday.  I just did not feel like doing anything.  What I did instead was curl up on the couch, with a blankie, a cup of tea and two seasons of Game of Thrones.

That series is brilliant, if you do not mind full frontal nudity (boy and girl) people randomly having explicit sex (this makes Californication look like something you would put on for the kids).

There is a lot of having sex, killing people (sometimes at the same time) a very complex system of kingdoms, and wildly different seasons – but if you look past that (or are motivated by that) a really brilliant miniseries.

I did push myself up off the couch on Thursday and decided to finally get down to the South African Jewish Museum, and the Holocaust Museum in Cape Town.

I have never been, and have been meaning to go there for years.

I had some time after that – what with not exactly needing to get to work and found myself at the South African National Art Gallery.

I must confess that I really had a fabulous day.

But then I sat in traffic for 1 hour and 40 minutes for a drive that should have taken me 20 minutes, and that did take away from the shine a little.

{photographs taken with my iphone using instagram}