School mornings and misplaced school bags …..

Arrive at school with kids this morning – kids bale out, Connor grabs his school bag and says the usual “love you mommy, bye”

I look at Georgia and she is looking into the car and there is no school bag.

I look at her, I look at the empty car and ask “Georgia, where is your school bag?”

Georgia: “er, I think I left it in the tv room….”

Me = sighs heavily and looks at her with the exasperation I often am confronted with when dealing with Georgia and her inability to “just get with the programme.”

The school bell rings, and the kids go off to class.  Georgia sans bag, and with a total lack of concern that has forgotten her school bag at home.

<bearing in mind she is wearing the wrong school shoes as she forgot her proper school shoes at school yesterday, so the ones she has on are too small ….>

I stand and wonder if I should just leave her bag at home to teach her a valuable lesson about “remembering things” and then I think of the teacher’s face as Georgia tells her she has left her bag at home, and I am shamed in to going back to fetch it and take it back to her.

I go home and there is her bag – standing in the middle of the kitchen.  Just to further set the scene, I have had Isabelle going bezerk in the backseat as I did not take the turn to her school when I usually do, so she has been screaming in the back seat as she thought she was not going to be going to school.  And because she was screaming so much she could not hear me trying to explain to her that I am just going via home and then will take her to school.

I am quite looking forward to my kids going to boarding school so these problems are no longer my problem.  {sigh}

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  1. Mike

     /  May 21, 2012

    The secret to getting used to the idea of sending your kids to boarding school…. don’t picture them as they are now- cute, cuddly and vulnerable. Picture them as tall and annoying with acne, locked in their bedrooms on Mixit only coming out to ask for food, money and airtime!

  2. Oh heavens yes! Let me know if you find a good boarding school.

  3. Hehehe 🙂
    I also got this a few times before with my son and boy, I understand your frustration. I always thought that I was a bad mom, for not checking if my child have his bag with him or not but then got to the point where I said: “Enough! This is his responsibility. Stop feeling bad.”

  4. Carrie

     /  May 21, 2012

    I love the stories of Georgia, coz its like reading my life story. I am now 29 yrs old and I am still them same. On my trip to Israel a few years ago, I lost (and then found) my camera – not once, but THREE times (in 12 days). The first time was on the aeroplane on the way there – had to go through serious security and treated like a terrorist to get it back, then in a restuarant, then a perfume shop (where I had to spend my last $10 for someone to go collect it)
    I sometimes feel its a miracle I have managed to keep my self alive – I have actually managed to keep myself, 2 dogs and veggie garden alive.
    But live in my own world most of the time – something I thought was my little secret until people at work pointed it out.
    I love it here, although my mother may beg to differ 😉

  5. V

     /  May 21, 2012

    Ha ha, about a week ago I get a call from my hubby (it was his turn to drop the teen off at school) asking me to bring son’s bag to the school, he would meet me halfway to save time! Needless to say hubby was furious and I had to rush out with the bag. Luckily I was dressed and Oupa was there to look after the toddler.

  6. Thanks for the reminder that it is not just MY kids that have a lack of responsibility

  7. Michelle

     /  May 21, 2012

    Thank you for making me feel normal today.. I still have this issue with my teen son, its not like weve not had lots of practice to get it right but still we fail somewhere in the morning ritual be it shoes, socks, bags, homework, keys *sigh*


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