Party 911!!

It’s under a month until Isabelle (10 June) and Georgia’s birthday (20 June) and I have done nothing in preparation.

I have drawn up lists and fretted, and phone a few places, but following that, nada.

The result is no birthday party at this stage, or plans or lists I can tick off.

Birthday parties make me all kind of stressed, and the last kid’s one we did was Connor’s.  Kennith agreed to do the organising of the party as I really did not think I could handle another birthday party.

The result was a fishing party that did not occur due to rain and wind, and the final result was 8 boys trapped inside our house.  But Kennith bravely took this lot on and turned it into a Wii competition and various other things, and kept the boys entertained.  At the first glimpse of sun, he had them outside and the boys swam.

Kennith did make a party 101 error and planned the party from about 09h00 through to about 15h00 which is about 5 hours too long for any party, but we survived.  I fled to my room several times as I thought I was going to go a bit off my rocker, but Kennith held the ropes and the party worked.  And I was so thankful he did all the party organising and co-ordination, as it took a huge load off me.

But that was in December.  It is now end of May.

So back to my problem, I have no party, and no plans.  I really need to get my shit together and do something.

Like today, or the girls will not be having a party, and then they will use this a reason to make psychiatrist appointment and moan about their Mommy!!

An additional problem is that June is generally rainy so it has to be inside.  Inside+screaming kids=not a good time.

I was also a bit crushed to find out that Crazy Chameleon no longer operates in Cape Town.  So that got crossed off my list of people to use.  As we speak I am going over Child Magazine, their party edition with a fine tooth combed, and hoping that something jumps out at me!!!  Soon.

Anyone got any party suggestions – that is geared for a 3 year old and a 7 year old and includes Smurfs??

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  1. I say venue too, shame it can’t be outdoors, but it will still avoid extra stress and somebody else can do the food and clear up the mess. Love the idea of blue food, imagine the lips and tongues afterwards if you go mad with blue food colouring ha! I saw mushroom cupcakes once, the cups had been pulled in gently with elastic bands, so when baked they were more mushroom shaped. And then iced red with white dots, looked just like a Smurfs house!

  2. Katherine

     /  May 23, 2012

    I reckon for the 3 year old Bugz is the place to go – it is horrific for the adults, but the kids adore it – and it’s just 2 hours out of your life. For the 7 year old definitely tell them to pick 6 friends and take them for a burger and milkshake at the restaurant of their choice – done and dusted. birthday parties also stress me out massively – don’t over think it, take the easiest options!

  3. Hi Celeste, how about a ten pin bowling party?

  4. how about Bugz Play Play at Cape Garden Centre. Only thing is, while you have your own party room, you share the play area with everyone else.
    And they will source all the Smurf stuff for you, which is a bonus

  5. Helen (1st-Timer)

     /  May 22, 2012

    Bizzy Bodies in Westlake? Order the plates etc online from Party net in Strand (they deliver) and BB will set everything up and provide food and drink. Bit far from Northern Suburbs but kids love it and it’s cheap-ish.

  6. Does the party have to be Smurfs? How about a Princess & Fairies seems it is a party for girls?

    If you do insist on Smurfs Party. Take a look at they sell all types of smurf themed cups, plates, party bags ect.

    ** Smurf Cake = Try out Milky Lane in N1 City. You can take a picture of whatever smurf you want for the top of the cake and they will make a yummy ice-cream cake with the smurf picture on it and they not that expensive.

    ** Smurfs Fancy Dress = Get all kids to come in blue and white

    ** Party Activity = Blue Face Painting / or just general face painting.

    ** Decorations = Blue and White Helium Balloons and spiral hanging garland or make cut-outs from cardboard of little mushroom houses

    ** Food = Blue & White Candy Floss, White popcorn, Blue Juice, a bowl full of marshbellows

    Just a few ideas, but I do however like a Fairies & Princess Party

    Theme Colour can be pink and white or pink, white and lilac. Put little fairy wings on the backs of the chairs.

    Make some star biscuits on a stick (like a wand) and cover with edible glitter. The birthday cake can be like a castle (simple square cake with up-side-down marshellow cones as the castle peaks)

    Hope it helps

    • reluctantmom

       /  May 22, 2012

      Georgia is obsessed with the Smurfs, so it really is the least I can do – considering she wants a McDonalds Smurf party and I refuse to have a party at McDonalds.

      • Yeah McD’s is not quite the place alot of parents like to have parties – but think of it this way, the kids arrive at McD’s, they make one hulleva mess, they have a jol, you take your kid and presents and go home and the rest of the sugar comatised enduced kids go home.

        No need to worry about some kid spilling or trampling in cake or juice through your house, having to have 10 pairs of eyes to watch the kids.

        I find it less stress and more convienent to have it at a venue than having it at home. Perhaps im selfish that way, but just make sense.

        • countesskaz

           /  May 22, 2012

          avoid stress and have it at McDonalds or the Spur. Or some other party venue. party venue are the bizness! wish we had some around our plaas.

  7. I’m happy that you’re blogging regularly again…. I missed your posts. But you definitely made up for it with the ecard. Only you can make me see motherhood in such a different light… Bwhwhahahahah…

    • reluctantmom

       /  May 22, 2012

      Thanks I am struggling to blog at the moment – my brain appears not to be connected to the rest of me!!! xxx

  8. Ask if she wants a Spur party. 99% of kids think it’s great. Mine loved hers and it was the easiest ever

    • reluctantmom

       /  May 22, 2012

      I think every kid gets one Spur party – Georgia has already had hers, so I have played that card, which is a pity, because they do work like a bomb.

  9. Carmen

     /  May 22, 2012

    I am having my daughter’s 6th party at Kiddie Rich in Tygervalley, a kids day spa where they will have mini manis, pedis, massages, facials, etc…but I don’t know whether Isabelle will like that or how you would include Smurfs? The Two Oceans Aquarium also does a fantastic party, which both age groups should enjoy, Butterfly World is indoors, not sure whether they do parties…I must admit, the Smurfs thing is throwing me a bit…


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