Babies in Tupperware?

On Friday I stopped in at Toys R Us, primarily to see if I could find the twin sister of Chocolate.

Afraid not.  It appears all {if not most} of the dolls/plastic babies available are of the blonde hair and blue-eyed variety.

The only not blonde babies were more a lightly steamed cafe latte colour than the rich bourneville shade I was looking for.

I started to feel somewhat enraged by the one-crayon-variety of dolls and toys available.  And I am blonde hair and blue-eyed, so my enragement is more out of “I want a black doll” than I would really prefer my child to play with a doll that reflects what she sees in the mirror.

I am not sure how parents who are not blue-eyed and blonde haired cope with this affront to their purchasing plans.

You know that you are making a scene when you approach a shop assistant {at Toys R Us} going: “Where are your black dolls?”

“Yes, I saw that black doll, but it is not black enough!  Why do you not stock black dolls???”  My voice might have gone up an octave on the word “black” just to show my annoyance.

When the sales assistant started to edge away from me and mouth the words “what the hell is wrong with this chick” was when I decided to continue browsing without assistance.

But seriously why have the ANC and COSATU not got behind this doll thing.  I mean really …. this is got to be more important than an acrylic on a piece of canvas.  Surely it must be!

When I thought nothing in the toy store could upset me, I found a baby in a tupperware container!  Baby too big squeezed in to a tupperware box.

I seldom go “WHAT THE FUCK”  in a toy store.  But this is definitely one of those.

The box started to look like a coffin to me.  The babies were hellishly real in every possible detail.

I totally get packing a plastic doll in a plastic box for sale – understand the concept, works well.  But when you are dealing with a doll that is so life like it is uncanny (and that is what they are trying to sell – life like looking babies and toddlers) then for the love of gd do not fold it up and stick it in a box!!

I am not sure of the options, but a large tupperware box stacked on top of each other, is really not appropriate to market this item.

These dolls are freakishly realistic.  They also cost about the same as a baby, so it is like having a baby, but getting a large tupperware box with it as a bonus.

I really am not sure of who {in their right mind} would buy a doll of this nature.  It freaks me out.  I stood there mesmerised for ages.  Not mesmerised in wonder of a glorious achievement, but mesmerised in a Ripley’s Believe it Or Not! sort of manner

I tried to take some pictures, but the reflection of the plastic “coffin” does not do them justice.

I cannot argue that these dolls are well made.  I cannot argue that the greatest care has been taken to make these dolls appear as life like as possible.  I cannot argue that who ever makes these dolls is immensely talented.

But this does not stop them being creepy, eerie and a bit scary … to me.

I get freaked out when I see Isabelle knocking Chocolate’s head against the fridge.  It upsets me, as I have no idea she saw me doing this to her brother, and is now mimicking my behaviour.  {just joking, no need to call child services …. really}

But Chocolate does not appear life-like – at a glance one can easily assess she is brown plastic parts with a t-shirt torso.

I am fairly sure I would not cope to see one of my girls “abuse” their baby doll, if their baby doll looked like a live doll.

However that withstanding, if these dolls rock your world, and you would like to get hold of the company that makes them to see if you can get hold of one, I will save you the need for google, and hook you up with their Facebook account: