First Words and other Magic Moments

I have been lamenting for some time that Isabelle, who turns 3 on the 10 June 2012, does not talk.

She makes sounds which are variations in the level of screechs, but one would not consider it talking.

Last night I am sitting in my “Les Nesman” office, and there is a glass next to me.  The glass incidently, is not filled with wine as is the norm, but with Tonic Water and three slices of lemon.

Isabelle saunters in to the area, and she is holding her plastic juice bottle, filled with Oros even though it is around 6:30pm.

I carry on working.

Isabelle comes up behind me and as clear as the day is bright goes “CHEERS” and knocks her bottle against my glass.

I guess we can put that down as her first word.

<Isabelle saying Cheese like a Pirate>