Today was a bit busy.  I had some great Happy Helpers candidates I wanted to interview, and it made sense to met with them on Saturday – so it was a bit all helter skelter all over the show, but well worth it as I met some divine ladies!

I really can’t explain how jazzed I am by my Happy Helpers venture.

I sit around looking like the “cat who ate the canary” because I am super chuffed to be busy, and I really can see this plan working out.  I am gushing with confidence and the sense of anticipation – not quite happy, but apprehensively happy.

I am deeply suspicious of people who appear too happy, too much of the time.

But I am quite pleased with how things are faring, and no doubt there will be many bumps in the road of this new venture, but there we are.

I saw a blog post pop up on Harassed Mom, and I do quite like lists – I enjoy something that my eye can drift over and pick up  the message.

It is not speed reading as much as it is skim reading.  I am a skim reader.  Yes, there I went and coined a term.

Harassed Mom had a list, I thought “cool list” so I have borrowed the same, which I believe was in turn taken from Jenty, so here is my {drum roll… hushed pregnant silence,….}


Right now, I am …  Finishing a McDonald McRoyale burger after an interview with a divine candidate.

I’m currently obsessed with Happy Helpers …. it runs around in my head like one of those fat little pie-bald hamsters on those squeaky wheels.

Cannot live without … oxygen!

I’m reading …. I am reading several books at the moment, an Agatha Christie at the moment, and have three other books on my side table which I am trying to get through.  Damn I love reading – if I go to the toilet and forget to take a book, I will read the back of the air freshener can.  True Story!

I’m listening to … an inane conversation between a man and his wife, which has been going for about 8 minutes now.  He ordered the Cheese Burger Meal and cannot understand how he got two cheese burgers!!!  Either this guy needs to eat at McDonalds more or he needs to get a smack against the side of his head.  I would personally opt for the latter.

Favourite place in Cape Town … I must say that Sandbaai is probably one of my favourite places …. but to be honest any place with good child care, and a bar fridge would be heaven.

Favourite place in SA .. I went to the Drakensberg Mountains a year or two ago, and I think I swooned.  What a gorgeous gorgeous part of the world – lush, green and lovely, every vista looked like a post card.

Favourite place in the world … this is making the assumption I am a world traveler of sorts.  I love British History, so my idea of a truly good time will be spending my days bouncing through castles and museums in London ….

I’ve lived in … Kimberley and Cape Town.

Next up on my bucket list … well I need to create a bucket list, but the next “thing” I can think of is to take a cruise, on a large ship, that offers full bar, food and entertainment facilities, and allows me to lie on a fold out bed in the sun, read my book and fall asleep, then wake up and go to dinner …. Repeat for 14 days.

The last thing I crossed of my bucket list … probably the first, which is to draw up a bucket list.

I realized I was an adult when … the bank thought I was “old” enough to grant me a home mortgage!!

I realized I’d never be an adult when … I still get excited to draw money out of the ATM – that thrill never gets old.

In the movie of my life, I want to be played by … Cameron Dias + 40 kilograms!!

Best invention since the wheel…sliced bread, really sliced bread.  I cannot cut bread, I tend to mangle it and each slice is so thick it cannot fit in the toaster.

A house is not a home without … photographs on the wall.

This week I’m crushing on ….hot chocolate.  I made some this morning, and dropped chocolate drops in it, which melted, and then sprinkled yoghurt chocolate dust on top.  Wow!!  A bit like a religious experience.

I’m currently working on … turning tomorrow’s lunch over with friends into a Hello Kitty theme for Isabelle’s 3rd birthday!!  It is not going well, in the event you were wondering.

I’m really proud of … Georgia who has far exceeded our expectations of her.   She did “bonds of 8” in the car yesterday, and I was way impressed with how quickly she moves through the sums.

You’d be amazed if I showed you my … wine fridge.  I have not had a glass of wine in nearly three weeks …. my wine fridge has wine in it, which is a rare occurrence in our house.

I cannot survive winter without …. clean underwear and clean hair!

Signature dish … pasta … but I really think my risotto rocks it out of the park.

Guilty pleasure … McDonalds Egg McMuffin with egg, and a large chips and a standard hot chocolate, which I eat in the car, whilst I read Agatha Christie ……

When no-one’s looking … I often mouth “fucking hell” silently in an Eddie Izzard accent.

In my next life I want to be … someone who lives without regret ….

Every morning … I wish that I could sleep late, and am crushed when I can’t …. every morning!!

I believe that … there are very bad people in the world, and they are breeding more bad people … I do think the good people are losing the battle ….

I’ve really got to work on … not counting the minutes since my last glass of wine …..

Best advice I was ever given …stupid people are stupid people, and nothing you do or say will change them being stupid people, let them be stupid and move on with your day {granted I might have given myself that piece of advise, but there you are}

And to end my non related list, is a non related picture …. here is Dexter mid yawn.