Another Party Over, mommy has a lie down …

I had Georgia’s party this weekend at Bugz Playpark – the downside is that you cannot bring anything to the venue, the upside is that you cannot bring anything to the venue …. the result is you have nothing to stress about, as the elves take care of all the bits and pieces on your behalf.

Totally winner winner chicken dinner stuff.

You tick a few things off on your list, and then you give them Kennith’s credit card, and then you enjoy the day.

The rest is taken care of.

The only thing I had to do on the day was go and collect the cake, the remainder of the day was pretty much easy sailing.  Of course about an hour before the party I start to feel that manic feeling that overcomes me when ever I am hosting/attending a party {social phobia much?}

I arrived at Bugz Playpark, and everything was set up.  The food was better than I anticipated.  They made party packs, there was cooldrink, there was Smarties and Jelly Beans.  The venue looked really sweet (I have not used Bugz Playpark inside venue before)

There was really absolutely nothing for me to do, other than stand around and appear useless.

The party hostess set up, she fetched things if I asked, she put everything out, she face painted, she cleaned up … bless her cotton socks.

In keeping with my love of birthday parties and RSVP’s, there were two moms who cancelled on the day as thier girls were sick, and there was one child who arrived who had not RSVP’d … but I took this all in my stride.  Honestly I did.

My cousin decided on the last moment to come through with her three kids, and all I did was ask the friendly and efficient hostess to add an additional party pack – sorted!!

I would like to tell you how good I was that I did not stress out, and that I did not swear and cuss, but I do have a small confession, I had Mommy’s Little Party Helper in the form of a beta-blocker.

Basically medication that supresses your body’s reaction to anxiety and stress.  You still feel anxious and stressed, but you do not break out in sweat, your heart does not race, and your breathing does not become rapid and shallow (all three standard for me) so I stood around being cool and calm, no matter what was happening.

I realise it is an absolute “cheat” but right now I admit that there are a lot of things I cannot handle, and any bit of assistance I can get, I take.  {I have a very limited supply of the beta-blockers so have enough for 5 events/functions/stressful situations where I feel I need a Get Out of Jail Free Card}

It was a great party, the kids ran around and had fun.  We actually ended up not having time to even cut the cake.  I also do not think anyone could have fitted any cake in – there was just too much food for both adults and children.

I loved when the one little girl said: “This is the BEST party I have ever been to, EVER!”

Bless her.  The cheque is in the mail.

It really was a good, easy party – and other than the RSVP thang, everything else was all quite lovely.

Happy almost Birthday Georgia!

{Georgia’s birthday is on the 20th of June and her and I are going to have a spa afternoon after I collect her from school.  Can you say bliss?}

Random photos from the day, I actually forgot my camera at home, so we had a use a mik-and-druk camera}

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  1. thecolouredfulwife

     /  June 18, 2012

    Glad that everthing worked out well! You did good (with your cheat and all)!!

  2. That sounds like just the thing for my kid’s party end of July. I have been hovering between having it at home or out. These places tend to be quite pricy but in the end having it at home costs almost as much and the savings on stress really makes it worth while. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions…

    • reluctantmom

       /  June 18, 2012

      It was quite pricey, but I did cut it down to as basic as I could.
      And it involved no running around, no erratic purchases …. and all pretty easy stuff.

  3. Also love that kind of party! LOve the photos!

  4. Looks like a fantastic venue!

  5. blessedbarrenness

     /  June 18, 2012

    My kind of party venue! A one stop shop where they do everything for you! Perfect!

  6. Karen

     /  June 18, 2012

    It was a lovely party – thank you. How was the cheese? Laughing – we just couldn’t resist.


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