Save Green Point Park …. use it!

On Sunday we popped along to the Green Point Park.  In Green Point.  In the event the location was unclear by its name.

It is a lovely large park, which is beautifully maintained.  It has lovely walk/dawdle areas and great play areas.

The kind of place you could take a basket, a blanket, a clutch of kids and let them run around until they fall exhausted into a heap, whilst you lie on the rolling lawns and read a novel, or just lie there and scream at your kids at a distance.





You know, that stuff, that you do not mind if fellow picnickers look at you and your unruly brood with disdain and judgement.  As long as I have my 2 litre wine box near by, I really do not care who judges me.

Only kidding.  Really, I only drink wine out of bottles.  With screw tops.  No cork fancy pants for me.  I like to keep it real.

But back to all things park related.

Seldom do I get excited about parks.  But this one is supremely good – I walked around going “Wow, kids how cool is this!!”  “Wow, have you seen this?” “How cool is this garden?”.

I like Kirstenbosch as much as the next picnic crazed person.  But it is a bit of a schlepp and costs a bit.

By the time I drag myself through the entrance which is always 2km from where ever I have had to park, I usually hand over a hundred rand or something similar to the very nice smiley person behind the perspex glass marked “no firearms allowed…”

When you are a family of five and really just looking for somewhere to eat your 6 x portuguese rolls and tin foil chicken from Pick ‘n Pay, well then it starts to not just be a picnic, but an outing.

At Kirstenbosch Gardens you start shouting things at the kids along the lines of: “Have a good time running on the grass.  Go, hop, skip, just do something that does not involve sitting on top of me and the picnic blanket I brought.  I paid for you to enjoy the garden.  Now go and play in the garden — GO NOW, do you think money grows on trees?”

But a free park is something special to behold.

Normally the free parks I have been to, have used condoms wrapper lying around the picnic bench and an old bottle of Black Label under the jungle gym – and is in a general state of decline.  That is sort of the free parks I have grown used to.

The Green Point Park and Biodiversity Garden is in a class of it’s own.  And to not stress a point, IT IS FREE!

So what ever your budget is this one definitely comes in under the wire.  There are also no annoying hawkers trying to sell you something or want to paint your kids face at R30.00 a pop!!

Just fresh air, lots of grass and the hope of a quiet few hours of kids being kids.  Playing on stuff.  That you did not have to bring.

As we entered the park, I was a reading a sign showing me a map of the park.  I am looking at the map and ooh’ing and ah’ing, and Connor is finished so he nips over to look at the sign that lists all the things you cannot do in the park.  No doubt to see if they allow fishing — the boy is a born optimist (obsessive compulsive fisher person)

He goes – totally unrehearsed: “Mom you can’t drink wine in this park!” at the top of his voice (he is looking at a martini with a red cross through it – clearly Green Point Park does not like cocktail hour)

<the couple walking past with thier dogs did get a laugh…>>

So here is my message, other than do not bother bringing along martinis as you cannot drink them in the garden.  The sign is very clear about that.

Cape Town has a divine free garden open to the public.

The Green Point Park and Biodiversity Garden – it is so adult and child friendly it will make you gasp. It will make you feel all smug as a Capetonian.  You puff out your chest a bit and go “look what we have done” even though you had absolutely nothing to do with how the park got there.

The trick is, let’s use the park.

The more we use it, the longer it will remain. Ignore it and don’t visit it, and someone with an accounting badge and a mean disposition is going to take it away from us.  And convert it into a shopping mall or another hideous block of flats.

Go to the PARK!!  Get your arse outside.

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