Moms who search for Stuff … for other people ….

I spend my days finding things for other people.

My favourite is when the conversation follows this thread.

Child/Kennith: I can’t find the widget, I have been looking for it, do you know where it is?

Me – internal dialogue: Actually I have no idea where the stupid widget is, and as it is your widget, and if you would put something away in the right place for one, we would not be having this conversation.

Me – what I say instead: Hhhmmmmm, I saw it in the spare room cupboard, take a look in there.  Third shelf on the left hand side.

Child/Kennith: {sighing in irritation, you know because they have been looking for so long} I can’t find it!!

Me – clearly annoyed, as the widget has now become my problem, and I wonder again why no one in this house can keep their shit together – If it is not in that cupboard, try the kitchen drawers or the passage cupboard!

Child/Kennith: {sighing in irritation, you know because they have been looking for so long} I can’t find it!!

Me – realising that screaming out instruction is not what the person is looking for, what they want is me to stop what I am doing, to come and help them find the widget.   Not sure why I just did not reaction quicker and drop what I was doing to come and find their sh^t.

But Kennith and the kids have learnt that if they cannot find something, then blame someone, and try to drag mom in it to help find the stuff.

I find my own shit because 95% of the time I have put it away so know where it is. The other 5% is the time I spend because someone has used my thing and has not put it in the correct/previous place.

I stroll over to the spare room, look on the third shelf on the left hand side ….

Me: Here it is ………

The two possible (and most likely) responses:

Child: Thanks Mommy!!! Thanks ….

Kennith: Great, thanks …. I really want you to speak to Priveledge about putting things in the right place ………. you really need to manage your staff!!

Me – reaction to both… {sighing … but mentally whacking him against the side of the head.  With the desk}

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  1. Carrie

     /  June 29, 2012

    LOL. I still call my mom when I cant find something (and she lives the other side of the country). She knows me well enough that she usually figures out where I have left it and walks me through the whole process til I find it myself 🙂

  2. Karen

     /  June 29, 2012

    I actually thought I was the only one looking for other people’s stuff. Definitely one thing I will not miss 🙂


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