2nd Annual {Mommy Blogger} Competition is closed ….

The Kidz World Mommy Blogger competition has closed.

Voting ran until the 30 June 2012 – the fact that today is the 1 July and the page for voting is still open for voting, does make me mildly uneasy with how “scientific” this process is, but that being said votes ran from 1 – 30 June 2012.

The Mommy Bloggers who made it to the short list were (in no particular order):

Angela Lord – Autism Homeschooling Blog

Gillian Hefer –  A Daft Scots Lass

Natasha – Raising men/ Littleandbunny

Melinda – Diaries of a White Mother Raising a Black Baby

Jessie Mckay – Miss Preggie

Sharon – The Blessed Barrenness

Cassie Life with a lady bug

Celeste – The Reluctant Mom

Tanya Kovarsky Rattle and Mum

Stacey Vee – Theres a lionheart in my bath tub

I have no idea if the “winner” is based purely on the amounts of votes recorded, or whether there is a panel who use the amounts of votes, and then select the Winner Blog using another set of criteria.  I do not know.

But now that the votes are over, and what I say at this juncture should not influence or effect who may or may not win.  I thought that seeing as we were at the point “where the fat lady has sung” I will have a run at who I predict will/may win.

Reading and writing a blog is a very subjective process.  If it was objective we would be paid and would be writing on behalf of a sponsor, but the bulk of us write because we are driven by a different set of factors, which is unique to each of us – I assume.  Some of us tailor our blogs to appeal to sponsors, whilst some of us seem to move from alienating ourselves from mommies and then sponsors.  But that is another story.

Okay, so I will put my proverbial ck on a block and tell you who I think will take it.

I think the short list will have three finalists in it and these will include:

Natasha – Raising men/ Littleandbunny

Sharon – The Blessed Barrenness

Tanya Kovarsky Rattle and Mum

I am a bit torn as to who will take it.  So I am going to give you some of my thoughts.  Purely my thoughts ……nothing scientific or sane here, just some ramblings, and speculation.

Natasha works her blog like no one’s business, she really is a “player” when it comes to how connected her blog is in the social media environment, so I think she has a distinct advantage.  I love Natasha’s blog – I think it has lost a bit of it’s “grittiness and honesty” that was there before.  Much of her blog is about cool and fun stuff to do with her young family in Cape Town, so it has changed from what it used to me and possibly that might be in line with what sponsors need to see, or where Natasha prefers it to go.

Sharon has gone through an intensive rebranding, refocusing and direction change on her blog and now the Blessd Barrenness is with us.  The Blessed has not been around for that long, but Sharon is a very clever and well-connected blogger and she has brought many of her long-standing readers over to this new blog,  Sharon has a raw truth that she brings to her blog, and nearly each post leaves me with something to think about.

Tanya over at Rattle and Mum, is  a busy blogger and she always has so much going on over there.  Things you can win, things you can read, things you can gasp at — she is probably the most “professional” of us and runs her blog like a well oiled magazine.  When I am reading her blog, I feel like I am reading a magazine rather than a blog, but that being said Tanya supplies a good product and it is interesting to read, and continual lure of SWAG to win does make you go back and visit some more.

I like and read all the 10 finalists, but I decided I would give my opinion on what I anticipated was going to happen.

The winner *in my opinion* will be from these three, and my predication is going to go with The Blessed Barrenness and Raising men/ Littleandbunny coming down to the wire, with Sharon’s The Blessed Barrenness  taking it at the post by a nose!

I thought I would put it out there.

You may disagree, you may feel that other bloggers are going to whisk the prize away. Anything could happen. I have absolutely no idea, this is just the shortlist I felt had the strongest chance, and my prediction.

Who do you think will take it this year?