Running away to Franschhoek …

Kennith woke up this morning, attempted to have a conversation with me.

I bleated about the need to “leave me alone and let me sleep…”

He took kids to school, I continued to lie in my warm bed curled up like a ferrit hoping that I will never have to stick my head out into the freezing cold morning air.

I only jumped out of bed when I heard the car arrive back in the garage.  Of course I looked like I had been out of bed for ages.  Meanwhile not.

We packed – I must confess I put in enough clothes for a week, whilst we are only away for one night.  But I tend to get a bit manic if I am sleepy and have no idea what to expect.

Then we set off to Franschhoek.  I did start the drive with: “Seriously where is Franschhoek, how long will we be driving?”

Have I mentioned I have never been to Franschhoek.

The lovely generous team at Protea Hotels Franschhoek suggested we stay with them them, so that is exactly what we are going to do. Kennith’s mom will collect kids and bring them home, and hopefully take them to school tomorrow.  But really I have left that to her.  If kids do not go to school, you know I am sort of okay with that.

Me – I plan to lay around eat Chuckles, drink Chenin Blanc and wonder why we cannot move to Franschhoek!

Happy 18th first date anniversary us!



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  1. I’m obsessed with the nostalgic atmosphere of Franchoek. After discovering Salmon bar…I’m there at least once a month. Did you have a great stay over all at the protea hotel?

  2. Congrats and well done not only on the anniversaries but also on managing to eat in the featured restaurant on the featured date on Masterchef. Now that was pure brilliant planning.

  3. thelms

     /  July 17, 2012

    Well done guys you made it to Franshoek… Congrats too for your anniversary.. Say no more i hope the lovely mountains, chocolates and wine make your stay one to remember.. Enjoy, you deserve it. X


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