Public Service Announcement ….. and reminder to buy wine!

Reminder that nominations close over at Harrassed Mom for the Mommy Blogger Competition .


It’s a new competition, Laura has been brilliant enough to say “agh fk it” and start it.  There does seem to be some resistance and people moaning and complaining.  Some of the complaints are:

1.  It follows too closely to the Kidz World one that has just finished.

2.  Some blogger are offended/put out by the term “Mommy Bloggers” but the competition for “Bloggers who Drink Wine to Stay Sane” met with some resistance from sponsors, so with that Laura decided to go with Mommy Blogger of the Year.

3.  Competitions bring out the worst in people.

4.  Bun fights about bloggers can be quite epic, and often drags itself through to Facebook and Forums, and then the underlying bitchiness really gets going.

5.  The begging and pleading for votes from the reluctant public.

I agree with all the points.  They are all valid.

But, yes here is my but … Laura made an effort to put something together, she really found some fabulous sponsors, and she is doing it for purely altruistic reasons (I surmise).

With that in mind, just send her an email ( telling her about your favourite blogger and why they are your favourite blogger.  Try not to do essay material, I think she is hoping for 144 characters or less.  Short attention span material!

Mommy Bloggers get a pretty raw deal, as people consider us a bit on the naff side.

I personally don’t read Mommy Bloggers who Blogs. I tend to look for Mommy Bloggers who Need Psychotic Medication Blogs and who refuse on principle to Bake Birthday Cakes!!  Them bloggers I do love.

Nominations end today.  That is all.

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  1. Thanks Celeste 🙂 If nothing else I have appreciated you cheering me on from the side lines – least I know one person gets it – and isnt that what its all about – touching one person!

    Now I am off to drink!

    • reluctantmom

       /  August 12, 2012

      I am happy to brain storm with you for a next year run — really happy to sit down with you over Skype and hash out a plan and how to do it. I think we can come up with a Mommy Blog categories

      1. Best New Mommy Blogger
      2. Funniest Mommy Blogger
      3. Best Food Mommy Blogger
      4. Outstanding Post – Mommy Blogger
      5. Best Overall Mommy Blogger voted by other Bloggers

      Something along those lines …. happy to look at what we can do.

  2. I thought you already won the mommy blogger competition – what’s different about this one?


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