Thinking about being an egg donor?

At The Sunshine Agency they are passionate about creating families!

If you haven’t experienced infertility first hand, it is difficult to understand the unbearable heartache, anxiety and pain that it brings.

As a team they have thirteen collective years of experience working with egg donors and intended parents.

Sourcing first class donors for recipients and helping them through their process of egg donation, from when they start looking for an egg donor until they are successfully pregnant.

They pride themselves on an ethical and professional approach to egg donation whilst still maintaining a compassionate and personal touch.

By working with recognised SASREG accredited fertility clinics in South Africa, recipients and donors are assured of excellent and safe medical care from private clinics that deliver good success rates.

Whether you are considering becoming an egg donor or know someone who may be on fertility journey of their own, The Sunshine Agency offers personal, compassionate and on-going support.

Who makes a good egg donor?   A healthy young woman between the ages of 21 and 33 who has the time to commit to the egg donation process. Preferably a non-smoker or someone who smokes less than 10 per day.

Egg donors are always in short supply – and so too are surrogates. If something in you resonates with the idea of donating an egg or being a surrogate, give Rikki a call, even if it is just to chat and discuss what the options are.

Nice girl that Rikki!

Rikki Walsh | Director, Donor Support | | +27 79 499 4763

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  1. A medical age cut off of 34 has been recommended by the Ethical Body that governs egg donation in South Africa. Essentially women’s egg quality deteriorates with age so the professional comment has been 34. All egg donors still have to undergo appropriate screening pior to proceeding.

    More details on baby2mom –

  2. baby2mom

     /  August 6, 2013

    Egg quality deteriorates with age, so a medical cut off has been determine – which is age 34. This is to give recipients the best chance to conceive. More details on
    aby2mom Egg Donation Agency, facilitating egg donations in South Africa since 2007.

  3. I would also have loved to have been able to be an egg donor. A colleague of mine has also started up her own egg donor clinic and I wanted to be a donor ages ago. Alas, I am even older than Rosfromscratch. I am one of the ‘old’ people who had a baby at 41. Clearly my eggs were perfectly fine for that!!

    But I can understand that it is an expensive business and also emotionally exhausting so I guess they would want to give the eggs the best chance possible and that definitely means a younger egg (ie from a younger donor).

  4. This is something I would love to do! But I am apparently too OOLLDDD – 39? What is the reason for the age cut-off? I always thought that, as a female, you were born with a finite amount of eggies, which you casually sent down the tubes every month? So if I still have a good few, what makes them worse that a sexy 20 year old’s? Just wondering? And the reason that I am wondering, is because of the many old folk that have babies round the 40 mark these days…
    Would like to add that I come from extremely good breeding stock – 1 of 4; with 9 uncles and aunts; extremely bouyant – you should see my mom catch a swell out in the ocean, man!; solid bone structures (maybe a bit too solid?). Which brings me to another question: my siblings and I, as well as my kids, weigh a good 10kg’s more than other people who look the same size as us? No, really. My 13 yr old son, weighs 79kg – and he is taller than me, his legs and arms are all scrawny, but I must admit, he has a ribcage the size of a parrot’s abode. And there is no more puppy fat there – boarding school took care of that. Could there really be a condition of being ‘big-boned?’


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