Jodi Picoult made me cry snot bubbles ….

I used to be in a book club.

The book club members tended to dash into Exclusive Books/Wordsworth at 4pm on the day of the book club meet, with the result that we often ended up with Douglas Kennedy and Jodi Picoult books – what ever was popular and available, and recommended by the person at the help desk of Exclusive Books/Wordsworth.

I felt peer pressure and even bought a Jodi Picoult book – My Sister’s Keeper – for the book club to read.

I never read it.  I had read three Jodi Picoult’s and sensed a trend/writing formula, and unfortunately was able to easily gauge the story by chapter 3 in each case.  This made the stories interesting in concept, but highly forgettable in execution.

The result was that I built up a fair loathing for Jodi Picoult and her work.  I cannot argue that she has many fans and I am in no way saying she is not a great wordsmith, but her books have zero appeal to me.

On Friday I was doing some work, and flicked the television on – I saw My Sister’s Keeper was the movie and it was starting.

I thought, well that is fine I have work to do, so I will leave it playing in the background.  You know, glance up at it from time to time.

Great plan – again, great in idea, not so much in the execution.

To say I cried would not be doing it justice.  I did ugly-mouth-agape-in-gulping-crying whilst large pools of tears ran down my face.  I stopped working and just sat there engrossed and wiping snot up my shirt sleeve.

My water-resistant mascara and eyeliner proved once again it was water-resistant and not water proof.  I did panda-bear eyes.

I missed the end as I had to dash to a meeting, but I cried for about 45 minutes after I had turned the movie off.

Today I flicked the television on, and caught the last 20 minutes of it.

I had snot bubbles coming out of my nose within minutes.  I think the last time I cried so hard was when I lost a tampon and knew the only way to retrieve it was to visit my GP.  Who was a male!

It really was an epic cry!   It was a totally get caught up in this family sort of movie.  I cried for all of them, I cried all the time.

How do people cope when a child of theirs is dying, and they are powerless to change it?

I say a quiet prayer in hope that I will never be faced with this experience.  I have no idea where parents (and siblings) find the strength.

PS:  Jodi Picoult if you had anything to do with this screen play or the writing of this movie, I apologise for thinking your books were crap.  I seriously misjudged you.

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  1. It really is the only Picoult that belongs on the ” books to read before I die” list

  2. Read the book and then tortured myself with the movie. Snot bubbles here, too.

  3. Yes, I read the book which is WHY I wouldn’t watch the movie–I don’t want to walk around with snot bubbles and panda eyes! Great blog post–thanks for sharing it!

  4. TG I haven’t seen it!!

  5. Yup – Have been unlucky to channel hop straight bang into the middle of the movie – 3 times. And each time, although I know the epic tragedy, I am somehow sucked in to watch right till the end. And everytime I bawl – but in a rather secretive, snorting, holding your breath till your ears pop – and hoping that no one walks into the TV room, while the mascara is dripping into my tea. I would just hate to have to explain to my daughter, son or husband why the tale is so heart-wrenching – and why I keep watching it. You see, I prefer stuff that makes me go ha-ha-ha. I have enough other problems and worries, without being sent on someone else’s emotional rollercoaster ride. So I am the one that always goes for the rom-coms at Mr Video, and yes, I even enjoy Adam Sandler plus his cronies like Ben Stiller and the Wilson brothers, ooo – and my fave – Will Ferrell!! It may be frat boy crap – but it makes me laugh – and I usually force whoever happens to sidle into the room to rewatch the funny bits over and over. Oh, and that cult classic – Pet Detective, is a fave, too.
    Have never read Jodi Piccoult either, and most probably won’t, for all the above reasons; and because the books usually don’t end well for at least one character. Shame.

  6. I cried from the opening credits.

  7. I loved this post! I laughed so hard I nearly p**d myself….. And it was only cos I totally relate. I cried so hard when I watched it I also produced snot bubbles, problem was I was on an international flight to Canada. My hubby nearly died he was so embarrassed by my howling!!

  8. Nicole

     /  September 12, 2012

    About 2 years ago I won a prize to attend one of Jodi Picoult’s book launches and get a copy of every single book she had written at that time – there were 14, if I remember correctly. Well, I read two and then lost interest. I now have a complete shelf in my bookcase dedicated to autographed books that I will never read. What a waste!

  9. I believe that all singers, writers, poets, directors, actors etc. have only “one” true book, song, movie or poem in them… only one that is AMAZING! And this book was definitely hers. I also did the ugly cry when I finished reading it and watching the movie…
    PS : One or 2 of her other books were worth a read, but the recent stuff leaves me colder than cold!

  10. Alexandra

     /  September 12, 2012

    I haven’t read My Sister’s Keeper because I had read a couple of her other books and resent being emotionally manipulated. I get the feeling that her books are written in order to make you cry i.e. need a good cry then read a Jodi Picault.

    But then again maybe I just have “ostrich syndrome” and am hiding away from all the bad stuff that could happen to my children.

  11. Coco

     /  September 12, 2012

    If I am not mistaken, the book’s ending differs from the movie? Correct me if I am wrong.

  12. One Parent Short

     /  September 12, 2012

    Ditto everything, except the part about reading a Jodi Piccoult, I haven’t read one yet, and probably wont ever. There is something about an author than churns books out that I find suspicious and unappealing, but I wouldn’t have read this one anyway because I have Ostrich Syndrome, bit of a ‘head in the sand’ type, especially when it comes to bad things happening to my kids. So when I too accidentally watched this movie, I was very messy, and had to watch an episode or three of Modern Family afterwards to snap out of it.

  13. Simone

     /  September 12, 2012

    The book is 100 times better than the movie. I cried so badly that my husband ran into the room expecting that I had gotten a call about death in the family. Do yourself a favour….and READ THE BOOK. I thought the movie was crap compared to the book.

    I have read most of Jodi’s books….why I don’t know, as many of them annoy me and I am trying to get out of this abusive relationship. The one book I am glad for reading…was my sister’s keeper and THANKFULLY I read this before I had kids…had I read it after kids, I probably would have died of crying.


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