Get kids interested in maths ….

There is an on-line South African Maths Challenge running.  Good for school going kids from Grade R to Grade 12.

It’s a worldwide mathematics competition where the top performers could be SA ambassadors of the World Education Games 2013.  It’s open to individuals or school groups.

The Maths Challenge is held to unite, encourage and inspire students across South Africa to enjoy mathematics and learning.

The website opened to all participants on 3 September 2012 for students to become familiar with the challenge format and concepts they will be completing during the challenge.

On Tuesday 18 September 2012, students will be assigned a challenge specific course of 50 adaptive Mathematics activities that test their knowledge and ability on mathematical concepts.  Students can complete the same activity more than once, earning 10 points per correct answer each time.

On Wednesday 19 September 2012 students have 10 games to complete on 10 levels of Live Mathematics.  Students earn 1 point per correct answer for the first 10 games on each level.

The more points a student earns, the more chance they have of a placing on the live scoreboard, which is called the Hall of Fame.


It is really cool {in a sort of nerdy way} but Connor is going to love this, and I am going to get Georgia to sign up as well.  Register today – Monday – and have kids on line on Tuesday and Wednesday to compete.  Easy Peasy.

I know there are loads of readers of this blog who have kids – I hope you pop along to register and get your own Child Prodigy Mathematician to enter.

You can find out more  about the challenge here: