Isabelle passes her test …. mother falls on the floor in thanks!

The grommet operation went as well as these things can.  There was far more gunk in your ears than either I or the ENT doctor realised.

She had a thick sticky pink liquid coming out of her right hand ear for about three days after the grommets, but then it settled down.  We kept the drops in her ears going until Dr ENT said, okay, all looks good.

I have been waiting for the two weeks to pass so we could have Isabelle do another hearing and audiologist exam.

I have been quietly chewing the inside of my lip and fretting over the possibility of “what if this is permanent”.  What if my beautiful perfect child has hearing loss and needs to be fitted with a hearing aid?

So I tormented myself with that for some time.  Of course I saw signs everywhere that this was the likely outcome, but none the less counted down  the days, hours and minutes to the audiology exam scheduled for 15h30 on Monday, 17 September 2012.

I did not walk to the exam as much as I shuffled through, dreading the result.

In short, my paranoia was unfounded and Isabelle has near perfect/average hearing – freaking hoo-freaking-ray!

The physical exam revealed the grommets were fitted correctly and were open.  I believe that is a good thing.

I am pouring myself a large glass of Pinot Gras to say “hooray”- because I am out of Chenin.