WordPress theme dropping me like ….. an unpaid hooker

WordPress has been pretty good to me.  I have been blogging here for about three and a half years, and have never experienced a problem I cannot repair.

I find the themes good and they remain stable which is pretty critical considering how much information I have loaded over here on Senor WordPress.

Unfortunately the theme I am using “Piano Black” is starting to fk around a bit – it has already dropped some widgets from the right hand margin, and is not allowing me to update certain information and right now I am starting to make little squirt marks of frustration in my underwear.

I usually plan an introduction of a new wordpress theme as it often takes several days to get things working and looking right.  I am concerned that if this theme “lost” information already, it is not making me feel tons secure that it is not going to start dropping other stuff.

So I am going to bring in a new theme, and the first few days it will all look a bit shocking and shite as I need to go through and manually tweak images and position of things, and well pretty much everything.

Apologise if you have arrived during housekeeping.

Promise it will be sorted in the next few days!!