You are the adult … buckle up your child …. you dumb ass!

I get so annoyed when I am driving and I see kids who are not bucdles up — I get angry, like roll down your window and scream like a mad woman when I see kids jauntily bouncing around on seats and the parent blissfully driving along.

I do the morning school drop off and the afternoon school pick up – and easily more than 70% of the cars I see with children have the children driving seat-belt free.

I see the lack of putting a seat belt on yourself and your child as an indicator of IQ – or the lack of it in a certain area.

I do look at the person, then I look at the car they are driving and try to figure out where it all went wrong.  I figure that they did not walk into the 7-eleven and put cash down and pick a car.

Odds are they had to fill out some forms and go through a basic purchasing process to get the car.  It requires a bit of mental athleticism, and some dexterity with a pen and maybe a sheet of paper.

I am not suggesting that people who drive cars are gifted.

I am suggesting that if you have gone through the process of purchasing a car, and learning how to drive, your IQ should cover the basic two digit cut off point. You may even be pushing the range of “average” or “normal” somewhere between 85 and 115.

The question that I ask is.  If you are of average intelligence, clearly able to drive, and possibly able to negotiate the many pitfalls of car purchasing, why can you not figure out that when your car is being propelled forward at 65km an hour and you have a child toddling around say by him or her self or even better with you sitting in the front or back seat holding said baby – when said car comes to an abrupt stop that said child will continue to travel at 65km an hour until said child hits something that will impede it’s travelling speed?

For instance, a windscreen – which they will go through – usually with the big melon that sits above their shoulders.  The windscreen might not stop them. It will definitely assist in slowing them down, until they hit the tar of the road and their skull makes that shattering sound.

It really is not a difficult concept to understand.  Why do parents/adults not insist on buckling up their children?

What could be the reason for not doing it?  9 months seems an awfully long time to gestate a child just so you can vault it through a windscreen at an incredible speed!  Or am I misunderstanding the appeal of this no buckling up thing?

Is there a benefit of spending time at Red Cross Children’s Hospital watching them hook your child up to a ventilator whilst another doctor tries to piece together bits of your offsprings skull and grey matte,r in some crazy 10 000 piece puzzle with no box cover to act as a guide?

Is there a benefit of standing explaining to the now permanently traumatized paramedic that you did not see that car, as it jumped out in front of you, and that your child was standing between the car seats, but now has his head bashed open on the pavement?

What would your reason be when you could have avoided it with something that is sold mandatory with all cars?

I am totally open to hearing both sides of this argument.

So far I have not had one person stand up and go: “You know I personally do not believe in buckling up my child, I think it is a waste of time, and I think that the risk of my child’s brains being bashed out are so miniscule that this is all a conspiracy theory put together by those freaks over at PG Glass!”

If you are that parent, please let me know – maybe your argument is something I have not considered.

Meanwhile, I am quite a fan of Buckle Me Up on Facebook – love this page.

Besides the sage advise this page dishes out, my personal favourite is the name-and-shame photographs people post of drivers who allow kids to drive unbuckled in their cars.  Epic Parenting Fails!!

Here are some images from their site – maybe you know one of these peeps, or you are one of these peeps featured here ….

Lindy Crous – August 29 – Saw this car with a child standing on the back seat at the busy Fairtrees and De Bron Intersection at 4pm today.

2 August ar 17h00 on Bosmansdam road… 2 kids jumping around the back seat …..(there was a universal comment regarding the Jesus Saves sticker, but I think putting your child at this level of risk then expecting Jesus to save your child smacks of a bit of cheek in my opinion)

Taken in Sea Point on the 26th March… in Sea Point

14 March 2012 – Taken on modderdam road yesterday 17:20. Three children in the car.. all unbuckled.. thank you Marthie Kemp for posting …{is that a child between a buckle up safely tag x 2 on the back of this car ….. sigh}

Buckle up people, really you are the adult- there is no excuse for a child in the car you are driving not to be  buckled up! If you child does not like to be buckled up and screams, just say fk it, and buckle him/her up anyway.

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  1. Laura

     /  October 1, 2012

    As for the argument that little love won’t listen to me/refuses too/throws a tantrum I have the following to say: “Mommy’s car won’t start until you strap in!”

  2. Nicole

     /  September 28, 2012

    Couldn’t possibly agree with you more. It makes my blood boil too that the parents are safely strapped in while their innocent children can be turned into human missiles at any moment.

  3. Alexandra

     /  September 27, 2012

    Totally with you on this and will be keep my phone at hand in order to take photos of those guilty so that I can post on FB.

    Isn’t it that law that all occupants of a vehicle will be wearing a seatbelt? Pretty sure there isn’t “unless under 6 years” clause in there.

  4. jenny

     /  September 27, 2012

    First thing my two year old does when we all get in the car (she is in her seat) is shout ‘Seatbelt mom, seatbelt dad, seatbelt dylan’ lol.

  5. The Blessed Barrenness

     /  September 27, 2012

    It astounds me that in this day and age, with all the info out there about the dangers, people are still so stupid!

  6. I have gotten to the point where I get out at service stations and give the parents a piece of my mind. As you know I was in a serious accident when my son was 2 weeks old and had it not been for his babyseat, he would not be alive today. How can anyone not realise that?

  7. I really don’t understand it myself it is totally iresponsible.

  8. Here in Australia there is something like a $200 fine if anyone in the car isn’t wearing a seatbelt. Great post,

  9. Suna

     /  September 26, 2012

    Awesome post! Can’t stand seeing kids/babies not buckled up! Drives me crazy, and I hear people saying all the time they can’t afford a carseat, but if you can afford a car and petrol, you CAN afford a carseat. And if you don’t have a carseat, at least buckle them in a seatbelt!! Thanks for writing this!

  10. yes. yes.yes!!!!!

  11. tracy

     /  September 26, 2012

    Awesome post! Agree 1000% percent. I cannot understand why parents allow their children to be unstrapped.

    Two traffic officers came to my children’s school (pre-school and Foundation Phase) and did a great session with them about buckling up. They said they shouldn’t drive in a car unless they hear the “love click”. The click of the seat belt is the sound of love! I thought that was a great message and the children really responded to it. I just wish the parents would also get the message. I think it’s the worst form of child neglect.

    • reluctantmom

       /  September 27, 2012

      That is such a terrific idea!!!! I think it might be easier to teach children than to retrain the parents!

  12. Lisa

     /  September 26, 2012

    I’ll tell you exactly why they do it. When their kids started pushing the boundaries about wearing their belts they gave in once or twice to “keep the peace”. Then it just got too difficult to be the responsible parent and stand firm and it was much easier to give up the fight. It takes a lot of patience and strength to keep standing your ground and these people are too damned lazy to apply either. Unfortunately that seems to be the way with most of today’s parents.

  13. Karl von Bentheim

     /  September 26, 2012

    whoo hoo love the blog – i want to jump out and assault parents. I can;t eleive that parents who reckon they love their children let them be unbuckled.


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