Mom refuses to hand over dead baby …..

Yesterday there was a story that ran on News 24 where a mom refused to let go of her baby following a car accident – story listed below:-

Mom refuses to hand over dead baby

2012-09-27 11:57

Johannesburg – Gauteng paramedics arriving at an accident scene on the N12 highway have told how a woman cradled her dead 2-month-old baby and refused to give the child’s body to them.

Paramedics said Yanne Weng was convinced that her baby Xin Nuo was just sleeping and could not be convinced otherwise, reported Beeld.

The baby apparently didn’t have a mark on her, but paramedics declared her dead on impact.

Weng was sitting with the baby on her lap while her husband drove their bakkie on the road between Potchefstroom and Fochville when he lost control of the vehicle and it rolled several times.

He was taken to hospital with head injuries.


Again a tragic death which could have been avoided by the baby being buckled up, and so it goes on each and every day on our roads.


Today driving home on the N1 heading away from Cape Town around 16h00 – car takes the Parow/Plattekloof turnoff.  Driver in a white Toyota, registration number CY 157 207 . Two unbuckled kids in the backseat.  My guess is the one was 12 – 18 months and the other 3 – 5 years – no seat belt.  Actually the driver and the passenger were also not wearing seatbelts, so I guess that makes it okay.

Kids bouncing around on the backseat, and standing/sitting between the two front seats.  Freestanding kids on a highway, peakish traffic travelling at about 100 – 120km/hour. 

Is there a “You’re a Dick” prize that can be handed out at a special ceremony infront of say Red Cross Children’s Hospital for people/parents like this?

I really think the answer, possibly not the entire answer, is to start screening horrific adverts of car accidents, where children are involved.  Some shots of how children are injured or dead from injuries, and then to start campaigns at school to teach children to not get in a car without a seatbelt.

Love this Facebook Page!  Name and shame dick and/or dickess drivers!