Mom breastfeeds dog … yes you read correctly!

{My friend Alice sent this on to me – I think to try to prove that no matter how insane I am, at least I had a few limits, unlike Terri Graham here who really needs a bit of a sit down a chat and a review of her meds.}

Mom breastfeeds dog. Woman claims feeding her pug is ‘comforting’.

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Moms may feel like they’re missing out on a vital part of parenting if they can’t breastfeed their babies, but Terri Graham has an unusual way of dealing with this problem – she breastfeeds her daughter’s pet pug, instead, according to HuffingtonPost.

“I finally feel complete…” {completely rootin tootin freaking insane > Reluctant Mom}

Not only does she do this, but she’s quite happy to share her experiences.

In an interview with Closer Magazine, Terri is quoted as saying that breastfeeding the dog was a positive experience: “Having Spider [the dog] suckle on my boob means I finally feel complete and a better mother,” Graham told the magazine.

In case you’re wondering how she got started with this unusual breastfeeding experience, she says that the dog started to enjoy breast milk after he licked the teat of a bottle of expressed breast milk over two years ago.

She had never been able to breastfeed either of her two children.

It’s not yet clear whether her open attitude will be appreciated by breastfeeding advocates… {or Pugs who feel repulsed at having to suckle in front of their other dog friends …. Spider the Pug’s street cred has gone for a ball of shite}

What do you think about the breastfeeding pug?

Reluctant Mom >  I am trying to understand how this particular picture goes.  You naked, the pug on the bed, you thinking hey, what would happen if I put my breast in his mouth …….. on the other hand I am hoping it has stopped at breastfeeding alone, but …. actually now I am feeling a bit more ill than I was before.

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  1. pamiejane

     /  November 1, 2012

    No!!!! Gross.

  2. The International Laundress

     /  October 31, 2012

    Gross ! She needs to find something better to do with her time
    The International Laundress

  3. I literally wiped my eyes thinking I was seeing things. I had a pug for many years and could never picture my little Diva doing that. And who on earth would even THINK of doing that!!? How is that she physically couldn’t breastfeed her kids, but all of a sudden she could breast feed her dog? HUH? I’m lost on this one but hope to get this image out of my head quickly 🙂

  4. I hate judging, but I definitely get an automatic icky feeling in my tummy seeing this. If it was an orphaned puppy that lost it’s mother too soon…then my love of puppies would override the icky feeling. Cows have fed abandon goats, kittens on dogs etc.

    We definitely have to stop making mothers feel like shit if they can’t or chose not to breastfeed.

  5. Oh Lordy I saw this on Facebook this morning (via Parent24). I don’t know why I’m commenting really, speechless!

  6. Different strokes!

  7. Colleen

     /  October 19, 2012

    beastiality!!! oh sweet mary, what the hell is wrong with this woman!!!

  8. BLEGH! Woof. woof.

  9. Jems

     /  October 19, 2012

    All I can say is WTF!!!!!!!!


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