“Hey, can you hold my Olympus Camera for a while,” :said mycamera.


I do love it when people give me things.  I do love it when someone says “pop over to our shop and collect an Olympus Camera….”

Xmas she comes a bit early this year.

I get to be one of the six bloggers chosen for the #mycamerablogger competition.

In short I popped along to mycamera at Shop 14, Roeland Square, Corner Roeland and Drury Street, Gardens – and they hand me an Olympus Camera, granted with a thick contract which included sacrificing my first-born on a mountain with a goat or something.  Something.

They made it VERY CLEAR — abundantly clear — that it was only a loan.  And that I had to bring it back.

The camera is funky white Olympus and I am so siked to (1) Figure out how it works (2) Start taking cool snaps of everything!

This weekend, is a big mate-get-together-weekend for us.

We have a wedding of two dear friends, a baby shower, and basically a divine weekend of relaxing with mates in Stanford, just past Hermanus.

I collected the {loan} Olympus camera I get ten working days (and the weekend) to take my pictures.

The brief is to encapsulate the words “Joy” “Curiosity” and “Alone” –  we submit one, unedited image for each word … and then we take back our very pretty Olympus camera back to the lads (and ladies) at mycamera.

Then some judges get together and pick a winner, and a second princess.

At the end of this, one of us gets to walk away with the Olympus camera – coolio. For keeps! {the remainder of us, give ours back and wonder how it all went so wrong}

How cool is that?  Yep, pretty cool pants.  I really need to get my creative cap on, and try to at least keep up with the other cool kids on the block.


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  1. Hope your trigger finger is poised for world domination!

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