#mycamerablogger at Blaauwberg Beach

It was around 32 degrees in our neck of the woods, with zero breeze on Friday.  I decided to pack kids up with the relevant friends and head to the beach.

I am not a beach person, but I like the idea of the kids romping around on the beach.

I always imagine me sitting reading a book, sipping a Ruby Grapefruit, and the kids running in the waves and building sand castles.

How it usually ends up, is Isabelle sitting on top of me, Connor moaning he has not caught any fish and wants to go home and play on his computer, and Georgia pee’ing on the beach in full view of everyone.

For the record, that is pretty much how it always goes, and Friday was no exception.

I did have to counsel Connor that there was no way he could take a dump on the beach, and he better just nip that turtle in the bud.  Georgia made some complaint about needing the toilet, I made it clear that there was NO WAY she was going on the beach. While I was explaining this point to Georgia, Isabelle lifted her dress, dropped her pants and peed in front of everyone … I suddenly got really preoccupied with the sand in between my toes.

Like engrossed preoccupied.

We used to live in Table View.  We eventually moved out of the suburb as the traffic was enough to send us into a spastic fit.  Yesterday’s drive up Blaauwberg Road reminded me why I am ever thankful we do not live in the suburbs of Table View/Parklands/Blaauwberg.

If you do, and you are spending an hour a day, each way, getting through that traffic it is a nightmare.  Know that it is not “normal”and though you are used to it, the moment you move, you will realise that spending that much frustrating time in your car, in bumper to bumper traffic, is not normal behaviour.

I encourage you to move, the traffic problem is NEVER going to be resolved in that suburb.  Get help, take medication, sell your home, move to a suburb that does not have bumper to bumper traffic at 2pm on a Friday.

Traffic besides, road constructions besides, we still headed to the beach.

Yay – beach!!  Not so yay, wind and temperature that had dropped to 23.5 degrees.  I soldiered on and dragged all our gumph out to our stretch of sand.

I thought I would seriously die from heat, as I was wearing my denims, but godstruth I was thankful.  I also ended up wrapping a Ben 10 towel around my shoulders as I sat there in the freezing wind, with the sand being whipped in to my eyes.

In between digging my hair out of my mouth, and sand out of my butt crack, I took some photos with the Olympus Camera I was l lent by the nice folks over at mycamera.

Nice camera for easy happy snaps. I was glad I did not have my huge CANON SLR which probably would have remained in it’s bag unused, but this one is a grab and shoot number, which is great.

I was lazy and left it on the AUTO setting, yes, I realise if you are a photographer and normally shoot in Manual mode, this appears to be a setting you look down at.  I needed my other hand to hold my hair out of my face, so I needed one hand to hold the camera and shoot, no aperture or shutter speed changing for me.

Isabelle had quite a bit of fun – which did not involve me, or better yet had her off my lap – where she was throwing stones in to the sea.  Each time a stone hit the required distance she would scream “YESSSSS” and then click her tongue – in a xh-xh-xh, and snap her fingers together.

{I like the fact that the camera was fast enough to capture the stone as it launched from her hand}

Here are some other shots of the kids. Georgia and Connor were having a tea party in the sand.

{Isabelle concentrating hard, Blaauwberg Beach, Cape Town}

{Isabelle and Georgia creating a seaside tea party, Blaauwberg Beach, Cape Town}

{Georgia, Blaauwberg Beach, Cape Town

{Georgia, Blaauwberg Beach, Cape Town

{Isabelle and Georgia creating a seaside tea party, Blaauwberg Beach, Cape Town}

You can visit mycamera on their Facebook page to take a look at the cool new things they have in store.