Atkins serious rethink …

I do not want to get into a furor about whether the Atkins Weight Loss Programme works for thousands of people, I am sure it does, else there would not be so many people who felt so strongly about this programme.

I have realised that people feel a zealous belief in this programme which makes me feel slightly suspicious, and uneasy.  But that is not the issue.

I wanted to remain in the Induction Phase for as long as possible.  I have been doing Induction for three weeks, and have followed it religiously.  I follow the foods allowed, I weigh my food so that there is not this sneaky “larger portion” issue – if it is not allowed, it does not pass my lips.

I have not so much as nibbled on a NikNak chip since I started.

I dropped wine, milk, bread, pasta, and anything that in any way had refined sugar or carbohydrates. I have been eating salad greens and meat like a person possessed.  I have consumed enough eggs in enough varieties to at the very least get me my own cooking show on Channel No-One-Watches.

I have not been hungry since I started the programme, but at the same time I have not felt the “Atkins Edge” that the four books I have read keep telling me I will.  I have felt the Atkins Sadness that no one mentions.

Someone mentioned that maybe I was not mentally ready to do Atkins, I am starting to think she was right.

I decided to continue with blind faith as I was sure the hard work, persistence, blind faith and sticking to the rules would have a result on the scale.  I really do not give as much of a {delicious pumpkin with cinnamon and sugar} fritter about whether my cholesterol changes, my blood pressure and all the other health benefits – right now my focus is the numbers on the scale.

That fellow Atkins devotees is all I am interested in right now.

I started Walk/Run for Life about three weeks before I started Atkins, and go along to that three days a week.  This programme works for thousands (hundreds of thousands) so again I decided that I would fit into the programme and do how and what they said.  I walk when they say walk, and I run when I think I can and they suggest I could.

So far so good.  I go three times a week, and though I am in no way “enjoying” it – as I really loath exercise, I do it as I know there is a bigger picture at play here.

This week has been a very despondent one.  I started to get angry that I was not eating much other than salad and meat.  Though the programme allows for a large variance in food, fat and protein that you can consume, at the end of the day most dishes are either eggs, meat, or eggs and salad, or meat and salad – work that into as many combinations as you like – and I have!!

I started to feel like I was restricting myself. Then angry with myself as I hate being told I can’t have something.

I weighed myself this week and my weight was pretty much unchanged from my first weight in.  NOT SO SILENT SCREAM.

I decided to also go and have a cholesterol blood screening done, you fast fr 8 – 12 hours, have blood drawn and they do a triple cholesterol test.  I was a bit smug, as I assumed I would have no cholesterol issues.  My blood pressure is 100 over 60, which pretty much classifies me as dead, so I figured if I have no issues around high blood pressure, I was pretty much home free on cholesterol as well.  I made an assumption, based on zero scientific fact or connections between the two.

I was a bit shocked when my cholesterol tests came back and it seems I am wrong.  I do actually have a cholesterol problem.  I spent three days throwing around my stroll into Atkins, how I felt so deprived (not hungry, just deprived) and how I just wanted to drink a glass of wine or eat a Niknak without feeling I was committing a cardinal sin, and would be sent to Hell.

Atkins does not view slip ups or cheats in a casual light.

The books are written in a very “pick up that chocolate chip cookie and rue the day you were born …. it is not worth it ….. you will ruin all your hard work …. you will need to repent to the diet gods and you will actually feel sick …. eat that cookie as your own peril…”

They don’t actually use those words, but that is the gist of the situation.

Friday, I was having a real “fuck it I am getting annoyed with this situation” as I prepared yet another salad and meat” meal …. I decided that Atkins and I are going to part company.  I am not knocking Atkins, as said with that many devoted followers it must be doing incredible work.

For me right now -I need to eat a cookie without feeling I am contributing to the downfall of an entire civilization  I do need an eating plan, I do need something that has boundaries, I do need something where I can keep a food diary and a list.

I am off to find the nearest Weight Watchers.  I do realise I am out of the circle of Atkins, but there you go.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Misadventures Of Zu and commented:
    I’m only on week one and I can feel the frustration.
    Hilarious piece though.

  2. Did you use ketostix? They have always been the ‘stick’ I measured weight-loss with. If purple-you’re losing. Although I have been on Atkins many times, I cannot stomach one day more. It works for us (my husband and me) very well but I am so fed-up of freaking Atkins! HOWEVER, if you really want to lose the will to live, go on the ducan diet. Only lean meat and no-fat yogurt. It’s HORRIBLE. Enjoy the cookies…

  3. Celeste, if you have cholesterol issues, Atkins is the very last diet to be on. The best advice is to either follow the heart foundation’s diet (they have a 7day meal plan on their website) or go to a dietician for a low cholesterol diet. I am controlling mine this way. Also, I think I remember you have IBS – so the things you should eat may not be what the heart foundation offers – spend the money and get a dietician. (Discovery pays!) In any event. it is possibly stress in the last year that chased up the cholesterol ?

  4. Alexandra

     /  November 26, 2012

    I had a similarly despondant Saturday. I went for blood tests a few weeks ago to find out why I’m struggling to lose weight. Turns out I’m insulin resistant i.e. pre Type 2 Diabetes. OMG! So no more chocolate, sweeties etc for me – it’s enough to make me weep buckets. But hey get this – depression and fatigue are two of the symptoms, so maybe I can sort that out at the same time. I have been good for most of the week but Saturday I really wanted a chocolate or french toast with maple syrup and nothing else was going to do it for me. The really saddening part is that this is forever not just until I lose a few kilos etc.

    However my DH is really supportive and I was feeling more positive on Sunday. I plan to follow the 90/10 diet i.e. eat clean and supportively 90% of the time and the other 10% enjoy eating out or take out or maybe even the occasional chocolate. This is so that I don’t get into that deprived state of mind – you know the dangerous state where you could binge on anything and everything.

    Good luck with Weight Watchers.

    • reluctantmom

       /  November 26, 2012

      Thanks Alexandra, my mom has Type 2 Diabetes, and I really do not want to get into a situation that I can fix with the correct diet now, turning into a situation where the only remedy is to take medication.

      • Alexandra

         /  November 27, 2012

        I agree. Doctor prescribed meds but I’m thinking if a clean diet can do it then that should be the path to take.

        …but no chocolate? I know I’m exaggerating but it seems like the end of the world.

  5. Atkins does not sound very healthy at all! I think your health will improve now!

  6. I think you may find a drop in your cholesterol now that you won’t be consuming shit loads of steak and eggs anymore 🙂 My father had a cholesterol problem and was sorted when he started eating more chicken and fish…same old story the dieticians chuck down our throats, but apparently it works.

    I tried Weight watchers, found it to be extremely flexible and I was never hungry, as long as I chose my food ‘points’ wisely. Heck, you can even have chocolate (or a cookie for that matter) on weight watchers and not feel guilty about it.

    Whatever you choose should make you feel content. Hope you find a plan that works for you 🙂

  7. Kezia

     /  November 26, 2012

    I lost 16Kg’s in six months on weigh less. It involves a lot of weighing of foods in the beginning but the variety ensures that you never get bored. The best part, it becomes more lenient as you lose weight and even allows break outs (cheats) once you reach step five. So you can nibble on a cookie and not feel bad. Wine is out for the first two weeks but, after that you can swop a carb for a glass of wine.

    You eat six times a day and are NEVER hungry! Well worth a try!

  8. Nisey

     /  November 26, 2012

    I lost a ton of weight really quickly on Atkins… Remember that all bodies, metabolisms etc are different so if u haven’t seen dramatic weight loss it probably isn’t for you. Anyway, it’s not really for me either because a life without wine is just silly 😉

  9. mary

     /  November 26, 2012

    urgh, I did the atkins 2 years back…lost a nice 8kg and piled it all (and more) up again after I couldn’t do the ‘no-carb’ thing anymore. I must admit I felt GREAT on the atkins diet, so much more energy and no bloating.

  10. You do it how ever you feel is best for you. I go with everything is okay in moderation. I would certainly have a doctor check out the cholesterol and high blood pressure and get the thyroid checked out at the same time. They may actually need to be corrected with meds.
    Have faith in yourself and stay strong, you will reach your goal.
    Brightest Blessings to you

  11. I wasn’t going to say anything before but I think you have made a wise decision – stuff Atkins!


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