What the fk …. true dat ….

I so relate to this comic strip.

what the fuck

I really struggle with girls’ clothing in store …..

I realised that I do not dress my girls in shorts.  Strange, but true.

I always put tights on them, with a skirt, or they wear three-quarter jeans or Capri pants.  I have no idea why, I just do not put shorts on them.  If they have shorts on, it is under a skirt.

Summer is finally here – and I realised that the girls do not have much in the way of summer shorts and t-shirts to just throw on.  I am always layering their clothes.  I have decided to stop my Amish ways and dress the girls like it is summer.

I popped along to a local retailer and thought I would grab some shorts  and t-shirts for Georgia and Isabelle.

Most clothing in large retailers follow a size/fashion trend of baby wear, then 1 – 7  years old, and 7 – 14 years old.

Georgia falls into the 7 – 14 year old range.  I am not 100% sure I want my 7 year old to be wearing the same style as a 12 or 14 year old girl.

Kennith describes the size/fashion curve as Baby, 1 – 7 years old, and Skank!  I really can’t argue with him on that in many instances, but I decided I was going to find a pair of shorts that I would not cringe every time they wore.

The problem I find is that I am standing staring at shorts hanging on a hanger that are well ….. very short.  There is something about them that makes me stand there and wonder if this is inappropriate for a 7 year old.



I uh’med and ah’ed and picked them up, and then put them back several times.  Eventually I gave in and bought two pairs of what I would call shorty-shorts for Georgia – granted I looked for the longest shorty-shorts which were still a bit short for me, and two pairs for Isabelle.

I have not tried Georgia’s on yet, but this morning Isabelle wore her pair of shorts to school with her new pink t-shirt.  Yoiks it was so cute, and so nice to see her little skinny-ma-linky legs running free of the swaths of cloth she usually has to contend with.

Onwards summer!!

Now to find slightly longer cut shorts which at the same time aren’t golfer shorts!

Am I the only one who stands and wonders that the girls clothing on offer is just not appropriate to a young child, or am I being a bit too prudish about this entire process and needs to be okay with my kids high thigh being on view?