I really struggle with girls’ clothing in store …..

I realised that I do not dress my girls in shorts.  Strange, but true.

I always put tights on them, with a skirt, or they wear three-quarter jeans or Capri pants.  I have no idea why, I just do not put shorts on them.  If they have shorts on, it is under a skirt.

Summer is finally here – and I realised that the girls do not have much in the way of summer shorts and t-shirts to just throw on.  I am always layering their clothes.  I have decided to stop my Amish ways and dress the girls like it is summer.

I popped along to a local retailer and thought I would grab some shorts  and t-shirts for Georgia and Isabelle.

Most clothing in large retailers follow a size/fashion trend of baby wear, then 1 – 7  years old, and 7 – 14 years old.

Georgia falls into the 7 – 14 year old range.  I am not 100% sure I want my 7 year old to be wearing the same style as a 12 or 14 year old girl.

Kennith describes the size/fashion curve as Baby, 1 – 7 years old, and Skank!  I really can’t argue with him on that in many instances, but I decided I was going to find a pair of shorts that I would not cringe every time they wore.

The problem I find is that I am standing staring at shorts hanging on a hanger that are well ….. very short.  There is something about them that makes me stand there and wonder if this is inappropriate for a 7 year old.



I uh’med and ah’ed and picked them up, and then put them back several times.  Eventually I gave in and bought two pairs of what I would call shorty-shorts for Georgia – granted I looked for the longest shorty-shorts which were still a bit short for me, and two pairs for Isabelle.

I have not tried Georgia’s on yet, but this morning Isabelle wore her pair of shorts to school with her new pink t-shirt.  Yoiks it was so cute, and so nice to see her little skinny-ma-linky legs running free of the swaths of cloth she usually has to contend with.

Onwards summer!!

Now to find slightly longer cut shorts which at the same time aren’t golfer shorts!

Am I the only one who stands and wonders that the girls clothing on offer is just not appropriate to a young child, or am I being a bit too prudish about this entire process and needs to be okay with my kids high thigh being on view?

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  1. pamiejane

     /  January 29, 2013

    You are not alone – I have a real problem with clothes for little girls – mine is only 3. I don’t generally have a problem with shorts though (depending on style) but do have a problem with writing on shirts, crop tops, short skirts etc. And just because I am weird like that I have a problem with kids clothes in black…. (my mom would not let us wear black until we were in our late teens- it must have rubbed off on me).

  2. erin1712

     /  December 18, 2012

    I have 3 boy so I don’t have this issue however when I think of the short shorts I too am disgusted with the way little girls are dressed. My solution would be to buy 2 pairs of the same size and cut the legs/fabric and lengthen the legs of the second pair. I am able to sew so that is an option for me. And could be an option for you or maybe a seamstress? I have heard an appropriate length is longer than your finger tips when your arms are resting at your side. I think that is a good measuring tool and will use it if I ever have a girl.

  3. Alexandra

     /  December 10, 2012

    I have had similar issues but as the school requested no dresses and hardwearing shorts/pants, I have always dressed my daughter in denim shorts or jeans on weekdays.

    My solution was to buy longer denim shorts in the boys section so that her brother can wear them in a couple of years time. And then I buy her girly t-shirts to make up for the plain shorts.

  4. YOU lady, are one of the good ones. Despise mothers, because it is them, who dress they’re little girls like young Women AND the shops that sell the clothes. There is a kids clothing company I read about somewhere who are tackling this, I’ll try find their site and send it to you. LOVE Jae’s idea, I lived in cut off pants through my childhood summers. And try the boys section for shorts!

  5. Jae

     /  December 8, 2012

    Thank you for being such a great mom! As a middle school teacher, I see girls that are 13 dressing like hookers on a Saturday night. It’s so sad to see young girls with bodies of 18 year olds but with minds of 11 year olds, dressing in short shorts, skin tight pants and push up bras. I am so sad that these young girls have been brained washed into thinking that the only thing they have to offer is their body. I, along with a lot of other teachers, try our best to encourage girls to value their brains as much as a healthy body, only to be out done by the media. Blah blah blah…I got off track. What I meant to do was to suggest cut off jeans…you can make them any length!

  6. Nadine

     /  December 7, 2012

    I’m 24 and I struggle to find clothes for everyday use without looking like a “hoochie mamma”. And I’m sure as a mom you worry not only because your child is wearing short shorts(altho they look cute in it), you worry about paedophiles aswell.

  7. I am dreading having to dress my girls at that age. Even now that the eldest is 3, I can’t handle putting them into shorts that are too short. Unfortunately the world we live in today means that you just don’t know who is looking at your kids and I don’t want to give them anything extra to look at. We would rather spend extra money and time looking for the less exposed clothing.

  8. Hilary

     /  December 5, 2012

    I have two boys so I really dont pay much attention to girl’s things, other than admiring the party dresses at Woolies. I do think there’s more variety in girl’s clothing. Usually there’ll be 6 isles dedicated to girls and 2 isles for the boys. Really freaking annoying.

  9. I don’t have kids but I shriek when I see the clothes, even the clothes for under 7s are as bad. Thing one shoulder top for a 23 mth old!!!!

    Maybe we shoppers need to revolt (LOL) so the retailers get the message. What happened to the days of simple calf and knee length dresses with belts that were tied at the back – that’s what I remember wearing as a girl 🙂

  10. And not to mention the padded bras for girls – that really irks me.

  11. Charne

     /  December 4, 2012

    I hate most of the styles in the stores because they are mini adult clothes really. As a result, I spend way too much money on clothes for Em because the only place I find decent things are at naartjie, keedo or earthchild. Their styles are mostly great, but their prices are horrendous.

    That being said, I don’t really have a problem with short shorts, unless they are tight as well. I might feel differently when em is 7 though. At 2, I don’t have a problem with it.

  12. You are not alone. Our Eldest is 7.5 but she fits into the 10 – 14 year old age range. It’s all just selling sex and it doesn’t help if you’re genetically curvy. I despair.

    As a result, Granny, has taken to making clothes – which thankfully my little girl really appreciates. It’s great because now she often looks totally ‘van die plaas af’ which is way more wholesome than hot pants and tank tops and so much more acceptable ‘under my roof’.. I’m very grateful to have had an original spring forth from my loins.

    Nonetheless the slutty ‘shop clothes’ lurk in the cupboard until they surreptitiously disappear, off to Goodwill for some other Mom’s to have the battle with. Although so many parents seem completely oblivious….

  13. I just had a similar conversation with a friend earlier today. She described trying to find clothes for her 10 year old daughter that are not as she put it: Hoochie Mama clothes with inappropriate slogans and pictures on them. Makes me glad I have boys.

    • reluctantmom

       /  December 4, 2012

      I shop in the “plain aisle” and I really struggle to find things … hoochie mama what an appropriate slogan.


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