The one with the guy in the rear view mirror ….

Driving home with kids this afternoon.

I am at a busy intersection,so one of those moments where you are sort of hanging mid-way across the road waiting for a gap.  Busy intersection, so my eyes are everywhere.

I keep checking my rear view mirror, as cars are waiting behind me, and I just want to keep an eye on anyone who might try to jump passed me or someone come  speeding up and does not realise that this traffic line is not moving.

I glance in the rear view mirror and there is a guy sitting in the car behind me – driver, not the passenger.  I glance in my rear view mirror, do my left-right-left-right check and then rear view glance.

I notice the guy pushes his little finger pretty far into his nose — so I think, wow, okay, more than likely he is going to come out with something.


I glance my left-right-left-right and back in to my rear view mirror, just at the point where he removes his finger, and now clearly has something lodged on his pinkie finger, so I think “Hmmm, I wonder what he is going to do with that…”

{I am stuck in traffic, and no one is going anywhere, so I really have tons of time for useless musings..}

I glance back into my rear view mirror at the EXACT TIME that he decides the best spot for  THAT  is in his mouth.  I gagged, but being me, I took a second glance, and it seems he was making sure he had it all off his nail as well.

I suddenly felt an unnerving and rather desperate feeling to get the hell out of  there and just be ANYWHERE where this guy was not in my rear view mirror

(blue toyota, guy was probably around 24 – 28 years old, with sandy blonde hair – not a three-year old child you understand, but someone who could order and pay for drive through if he was feeling peckish).

I do my glance left-right-left-right to find a gap, then glance in my rear view mirror, only to find he is doing the entire NOSE-PINKIE-MOUTH routine AGAIN!

At just about that point I decided that the only option left to me was to accelerate, make a gap where there was no gap, so that I could remove him out of my rear view mirror.

Four hours later and I am still feeling a bit traumatized.



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  1. Hilary

     /  February 12, 2013

    That’s flipping disgusting. Ewww. I just threw up a little in my mouth. Sis Celeste TMI!!!


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