The one about lucky number 95!

Connor and Georgia went to the same pre-primary.

I have sung the school’s praises and it is one of those places, that when your child is there, you feel a little bit above the other parents who are not lucky enough to have their kids attend the phenomenal preschool your kids are now at!!

Connor was there.  I was lucky that he got in, as this acted as a feeder for the primary school he is in.  We are way way out of the catchment area, so I would doubt we would have got in had we applied directly to the primary school.  But at that time the pre-school was a feeder to the primary school, so Connor got in to the primary school.

As Georgia arrived and had a sibling, she was pretty much guaranteed the same journey, so it was all pretty easy going.

Isabelle is at a nursery school which I adore.  You could actually eat pasta off the toilet seat (to steal my friend’s Joyce’s saying) it is so clean.  The Tot Spot is run by Linda Esteves, who has her eye on everything and everyone, and it runs like a well oiled machine.

Best nursery school I have ever been in to (and I have been in to easily 50 at this point in my rather weathered and jaded “find schools for my kids” age bracket).  Teachers are lovely, classes are great, there is nothing not to love.

There I was all in love with my kid’s school.

All in love with at the end of this year.  Isabelle will be going to the preschool that I love.   The other two are in grades in primary school, and there is no school changes for at least two more years.

Really there is so much love around right now, that I could shit a heart banner with string that joins them together.  Complete.

Even when I am guaranteed a spot in a school, I do not sit on my laurels.  Nope not me.  I filled in the application form and get it off in good time.

I got Isabelle’s form off in January 2013 for January 2014.

Good time considering her siblings went there, and that must give her some sort of  “automatic right of passage…” and well clearly just an administration detail we need to do, but clearly not applicable to the likes of me.

I was feeling lots of love until I got this response: “I confirm receipt of Isabelle’s application form.  I would just like to mention that I can only accept the first 54 learners.  My waiting list starts from nr 55 and Isabelle is nr 95……….”

er ……..I can’t say I am feeling the love right now as much as the panic.  Clearly I need to find another school, unless number 95 just got awfully lucky.

Jason Crisp I really thought this crap was over with.  But it seems not!  Fun I am not having it, and off I go to find a school for next year or I am going to be home schooling, and I am sure we can all guess how well that will end.

{I hope you have applied to what ever school you are hoping to get your Junior or Juniorette into}


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