Rhymes with mice ….

I recall seeing a Facebook post about a week ago referring to lice.

Of course I scratched my head, pretty much like you are doing right now.  I took a deep sigh and cast my eyes up towards the ceiling downward lights and said a few words of prayer that went along the lines of  “please please skip our family this year!”

And then I promptly forgot about it.

I noticed Georgia scratch her head on Monday.  I felt unsettled.

I noticed on Wednesday that Georgia was scratching her head the entire time she spoke to me.  I got in to my car and drove to the 24 hour chemist.  No point in waiting another day for the inevitable.

I felt like those slightly insane people who take their arm, and wipe the entire contents of the shelf into their shopping carts with that rather crazed look on their faces.

It was very much like that.  I bought two combs, a magnifying glass and a few hundred rands worth of varying lice treatment.

I figured I would hedge my bets and grab everything from the holistic stuff with happy lice on it, to the more deadly looking stuff with cross bones and a skull as packaging, with warnings of anal leakage and not operating heavy farm equipment.

I still had a fair amount of the tea tree lice treatment from last year, but recalled that Contra-Lice had worked like a bomb.  I figured lice might build up an immunity, and if I hit them with everything right out the gate.

I immediately started to wonder which kid gave my kid lice!

Wednesday night had me treating all the kids – they had their hair washed with the equivalent of battery acid.  Then I sat with a bottle of “lavender oil” and Lice Treatment and combed their hair PAINSTAKINGLY with a nit comb.  Each hair gets to move individually through a lice comb, and if you have seen the amount of hair my brood has, you will appreciate this is no easy feat.

I sat them in the lounge, put white paper on the floor so I could see the f*ckers.  Of course you hope there will be no lice, you really do.

Unfortunately this is one of those situations where you get MORE than you deserve, truly.

Georgia had a few – Isabelle has a lot – and Connor had none.

I repeated the entire treatment last night, and look forward to doing it tonight again.

And for the next two or three weeks, we get to play Kill Your Lice! Again and again!  Ah, the joy of school going children.

Unfortunately I need to admit that it might be MY kids who just gave the entire school lice.  I can hear the birthday party invitations being torn up as we speak.

{I guarantee that by the end of this post, you would have scratched your hair at least twice, if not more, especially around your back neck area …….}