Should you become a blogger?

1303_Blogging Article

I get asked this question reasonably often — and I am still not quite sure of the right answer.

Blogging works for me as a sort of therapy – well to be honest, I use it at the moment instead of therapy.

People often gain sustenance from praying or talking to their ‘higher power.’

Unfortunately I don’t have that, but I do get something from blogging.  I am not suggesting that blogging is akin to religion, but it gives me a place to “be calm” and “to think” and sometimes to think through my thoughts.

I don’t blog because I need you to read my blog, unfortunately I am too selfish for that. I blog for me, because it makes me feel good and gives me an outlet for the stuff that runs around inside my head.

Cobbling words together and trying to get my thoughts into a loose line helps me.  Writing my thoughts down also helps me process some of my thinking.  My head is a really noisy place to live — and I have found that getting what is running inside my head out, helps me a great deal.

Why not keep a paper and ink diary I hear you tut-tut under your breath.

Unfortunately I get so caught up in the feel of the right paper grammage, and the right pen, and whether my pen strokes are all the same, that I don’t get to writing anything down.

I have a desk drawer full of very nice looking diaries which I have never started or broken the plastic on – I do however use the ink pens with reckless abandon.

Blogging regularly is harder than it looks.  I often struggle to find the right way to say something.  I have about 115 ‘draft posts” which I just can’t put in to the right words so they float there unposted unpublished.

The internet is strewn with blogs that started with a bit of a gust of wind, then died out like a frog being squashed by a clown car.

10 things I like about blogging:-

1.  I get an outlet to write what I like, and not have to run it past a copywriter or an editor.

2.  I sometimes need someone to go “rah rah rah I like what you think” and I sometimes get that here.  {I also get my fair share of people telling me what a total idiot I am, so that balances my ego out quite nicely}

3.  I like having one place to put all my stuff.

4.  I just can’t work with twitter and its 144 characters ….. I struggle to facebook status update as well, and do it rarely.

5.  I meet (though usually they remain in the cyber space) some interesting people who often challenge my thinking, and often teach me to view or look at something differently.

6. I like that I am part of a community – mommy bloggers, or bloggers. I like the fact that I am part of something that I can’t quite define —

7.  I like that I get to hear about other bloggers and their lives – and I feel part of what makes them happy and what makes them sad.  There are a lot of people with interesting stories to tell.

8.  I like that I do not need to say something, because if I do or don’t I will offend someone who pays me or who has a vested interest in what I say.  I think and say what I am comfortable with.

9.  I like to look back over my blogs and see how much I have changed, or grown as a person.

10.  I like love reading comments.  There is nothing better to do with my morning cup of tea than to read comments and know that even though I still think it is only me, a guy named Schalk who lives in Parow with his dog, who reads my blog, there are actually a few other people out there who stop by.

And, no I don’t make money from blogging.

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  1. I started my blog when I met a mom of newborn twins and she was telling me that she takes a bunch of pictures to put on her blog so she can have a journal of her journey with twins. I always thought people blogged to make money… But she said it was just to keep a record. With Facebook, it doesn’t feel as personable, though I am a status updater like every other day. But it gets jumbled, I feel like here it’s organized and I don’t have any friends who blog, so this makes it more mine/intimate so to speak? And one day, my kids can see their journey growing up on here! But came across your blog and I just love your stories and I can relate, or should I say agree with alot of your views! I have stuff to say but I’m not sure how to get it on here yet 😦
    Writers block always.

  2. Love this- I too blog instead of go to therapy, and I am sure that there are many other moms, stealing time during naps to save their sanity 🙂

  3. Katrina

     /  March 10, 2013

    I don’t blog but I love bloggers who interact like you do and it’s not all about trying to sell something to us. Just so you know, someone named Katrina, who lives an hour north of sydney, drinks her cup of tea and pats her fluffy white dog while she reads about your life. Keep up the great work =)

    • reluctantmom

       /  March 11, 2013

      Thanks Katrina ….now I think of you as I drink my tea and pat my fluffy cat ……

  4. I love your blog. I have been blogging since 2008 and I started my blog as an outlet for my infertility journey. It helped me in so many ways to process all the emotions. I’ve also made some pretty good friends along the way.

    Lately, I battle to blog. Even though I have loads to say.

  5. My husband works offshore, so my blog is for him really (my mother does pop round often to leave a comment tho)
    My writing style sucks, and our day-to-day life may be really boring to others, but when he is away for 6 -12 weeks, it means the world to him to see what is happening in our lives

  6. lindaaloha

     /  March 5, 2013

    For me the same…I was “called” to do it…I, too, was in a horrible state of depression and wondering what has I worth anymore. I had a blessed life as news anchor, radio show host, Port Consultant on cruise ships and so much more. I came back to land from the ships….and there was nothing. NO jobs…nothing…I had learne long ago as a local celebrity that your job is not who you are and does not define you. It is what you do with that gift. I took a job sitting in a cubicle 8 hours a day not allowed to talk. Every morning I would ask God…is my life over, is there nothing more for me, Lord….I wish I had a nickle for every time I cried during that year. Then 120 people were laid off in August and I was one of them. I honestly felt like I;d won the lottery…and I could feel His calling..I knew absolutely nothing about website blogs podcasts…but step by step I did it. Every morning I wake up and write…yes it is therapy for me sometimes….but now I can chose what I want to share…sometimes it is issues or organizations that can change people’s lives…sometimes it’s my ranting…sometimes it’s a podcast where I can give a voice to others…It brings more peace and happiness than I have ever know. I found you because I was writing a blog on “the ole’ black dog” that has permanently visited me or scratched on my door since I was a chlid. In google search…that’s where I found you and your blog. I knew I was not alone. I am grateful for you and your blog….because even though we are thousands of miles away (I’m in Panama City Beach, FL)….I feel the same as you.
    For me….when I am inspired to share uplifting, positive loving messages….I give to others and I give and remind myself fo he goodness of life. I have hope….and I am ale to let go of any fears….and this blog becomes my love and passion. There is no money….I have no idea how to make that happen. But I know I am doing what I am suppose to be doing….
    So I send my love to you….I understand ….and thousands of miles away remember, there is a lady who has that dog scratching at her door, too…but she sits at her PC to let all that matters out into the universe……and I know deep in my heart, the universe will return it to me.
    Blessings friend…..Linda Scott

  7. When I started blogging I didn’t actually know who would read anything I wrote. I have been very surprised these last 7 odd months how many people relate in different ways to what I think. I also enjoy putting down my thoughts, shadings laughs and sharing my tears.

  8. charliesbird

     /  March 5, 2013

    I really like number 9, I’m always astounded to look back at my blog, see it morph from a newly wedded to a food and wine diary to a fighting infertile to a proud mom. Oh, and don’t forget the trials of my daily grind as an OBGYN. Amazing to watch the personal development.
    I do blog for others too, some of my best friends live away from me, and they get a share of my days too…

  9. You summed it all up perfectly here. This is exactly why I blog and I don’t think I could add to any of it.

    Love your blog and have been reading it for the last 2 years now. So I feel very much part of your life.

  10. alittlelessfluff

     /  March 5, 2013

    I started my blog for the very same reason. Of doing it for me and getting all the crap stored in my head out. It was getting a bit cluttered in there. I also enjoy looking through my blog and watching how my perceptions have changed and what topics pop up more regularly than the rest. Defining mommy blogger, working mommy blogger or just blogger is something I still cant figure out. I think I am all of the above. I pretty much write about what is in my head that needs urgent vacating.
    Truth be told, you are one of the first bloggers out there that I started following. You made me feel like I was not alone in some crazy world. Thanks for that.

    • reluctantmom

       /  March 5, 2013

      Aaaawwww see this is why I have people comment on my blog!!!

  11. I’m with you!


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