Mark, sort out your crap ….

A few weeks ago I was at Woolworths shopping for kids school uniforms.   {okay it was ages ago, but I have just been too lazy arse to download the photos off my phone – there you caught me!!!}

It was the usual chaos of stores trying to get all their Xmas shit out the door, at the same time as trying to work in the joy of BACK TO SCHOOL and Valentine’s Day soap on a rope – so it was pretty hectic in retail circles.

Woolworths, which usually is a store that is organised and very neat, was looking slightly less so on the day I was visiting them.  They had no idea who I was, so there was no begging and scraping as I have come to expect, but consistently miss no matter which retailer I am in.

I saw this note for Mark, and it made me smile, namely for three reasons:

1.  Woolworths can be as disorganised as the next store.

2.  There is always a Mark that needs to get his shit together – and this sign might have been more indicative of his life than this little hangar set.

3.  It supports my belief that people feel they can pretty much say anything, no matter how shit or stupid, but the addition of a smiley face or a LOL  at the end makes it universally acceptable.


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  1. Alexandra

     /  March 19, 2013

    And we all know how you feel about smiley faces!

  2. Please may I borrow your photo. I have a Mark too. This message is very apt.


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