John, Natalie, the Rhino and the London Marathon ….

{Guest post from John and Natalie Black}


Here is the Rhino suit that I will be running the London marathon in (42.2km), it is gonna be hard!!!!

Natalie and I have managed to secure entries into the London Marathon (a goal of many years) which is the world’s biggest fund raising event, and we have chosen the Save the Rhino Foundation as our nominated Charity.

We know that the Rhinos have been in the news lately.  It may be a bit boring, but there really is a crisis developing, and with over 180 Rhinos having already been poached this year and a total of 650 in 2012, we all need to do our bit to halt the slaughter.

Natalie and I will be running the London Marathon on 21 April ( at 42.2km long and to take it about 75 000 steps further.

We will be running the Somkhando Rhino Run (, a 50km trail run 6 days later, in our own country, down in Natal.

Over 90km in 6 days, all for the Rhinos. (Not forgetting the suit)

All the money goes directly to the Save the Rhino Foundation.   We cover our own travel fees, transport, accommodation etc, so everything raised goes to the Rhino.  More info is available at

We have committed to raise R60 000.00 and so we (the Rhinos) really need peoples financial help. So far we have raised close on R30 000.00

If you are able and eager to help us to help the Rhino, the easiest way is to go to which is a secure Virgin money site and make a donation the money automatically goes to the foundation.

Please donate anything, it does not matter how big or how small, every bit goes to a charity that really needs as much support as it can get.

John & Natalie

{If you do not wish to pay through the Virgin Money account, please donate through John Black | Bank: FNB | Branch: RMB Private bank | Branch Code: 261251 | Account: 62186001675 – use RHINO as your reference, and John will in turn transfer the money on to the fund.  Want to find out more?  Contact John Black directly on or 082 412 7614}


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  1. worthy cause! Good luck!


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