Boston Terriers … t-shirts that rock!

This is probably my fav0urite t-shirt in my cupboard.  I purchased it from Shannon McGovern who runs a Boston Terrier Rescuing and Re-Homing Scheme via Facebook.

I don’t wear t-shirts.  But I LOVE this t-shirt – I could wear it every day, to anything.

Kennith is heading to the States soon.   I have instructed asked him to put anything Boston Terrier into his suitcase for me.  I am just assuming there will be Boston Terrier stuff lying around in every shop.  Because it is the United States.  That is where Boston is.

Well, I sort of hope.

I do love all things Boston Terrier.  If you ever come across anything Boston Terrier related that costs just a bit less than a kidney on the black market, do let me know — or add it to my Xmas Stocking!


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  1. Belinda

     /  April 13, 2013

    There is Boston T stuff on Amazon UK. It is probably on Amazon USA too, you could buy online and have it delivered to where Kennith is staying!


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