Let’s Pretend This Never Happened ….

While over at my local Exclusive Books, I stumbled across “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened {A Mostly True Memoir} by Jenny Lawson The Bloggess.”

I have not read many of her posts, but the one about Beyonce the Chicken stuck firmly in my mind.

I laughed and snorted out loud to that post.

If I am feeling a bit down in the dumps I always think about Beyonce the Chicken, and it perks me right up.

I am always looking for the sister/brother to Beyonce the Chicken, because I can’t think of a purchase that would make me happier.  Well, other than the biker mouse I saw on e-bay yesterday.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Bloggess’ book “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

She really is hysterically funny, and has this dry “there is nothing to see here” style which I adore.  Enjoyed the book thoroughly.

There were so many bits of this book that I snorted at – here are two – hopefully I do not get cited on a copyright infringement :

“Anyway, my dad had just finished cleaning the deer when I made a reckless fast, ninja-turn U-turn to avoid getting tagged by my sister, and that’s when I ran.  Right. The Fuck. Inside the deer.  It took me a moment to realise what had happened, and I stood there, kind of paralyzed and not ninja-like at all.   The best way I can describe it is that it was kind of like wearing a deer sweater.  Sometimes people laugh at that, but it’s not an amused laugh. It’s more of an involuntary nervous giggle of what-the-fuckness.  Probably because you aren’t supposed to wear deer for sweaters.  You’re not supposed to throw up inside them either,but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.”

“Then I drove myself to work and I almost passed out from a combination of the pain and the not-breathing, and when I got there I hurt so much I couldn’t even move my mouth to talk, so I wrote ‘I HAVE BROKEN MY NECK,” on a Post-it, and my bewildered office mate drove me to the hospital.  Turns out I’d herniated a disc, and the doctor gave me a pamphlet on domestic abuse and kept asking m whether someone was hurting me at home, because apparently most people don’t herniate their discs simply from brushing their hair too hard.  I prefer to think that most people just don’t brush their hair as enthusiastically as I do.”

I enjoyed this book.  Every page of it.  Loved the photographs.  Loved the captions.

I sat and read this book in about a day and a half.  Best time ever in bed.  With a book!

So, listen, I loved the book, and I am sure you will love the book as well.

If you would like to read “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened” by Jenny Lawson, and would like a signed copy.  Signed by me.  Not by the uber talented Jenny Lawson I am afraid, then just let me have your postal address.

I have one-previously-read book that I will send on to you – I think this is the type of book you should share with anyone who needs a lie down a giggle.

What would be really cool is if you could read the book, you comment on it on your blog, you sign the book, then you pass the book on to the next person.

How does that sound?  It’s like a game of play-it-forward-fuckness in all its beauty.


The only downside is Jenny will not be getting royalties as there is only one book doing the rounds.  But I am sure she will understand, or not.

If you have not fully experience the totally fucken hilarity that is Jenny Lawson, then this will be a good day for you.

Want the book?  Leave me your postal address — please only in South Africa.  I only have one book, so this is not an Oprah give away where everyone finds something under their seat.

Happy reading, and laughing, and all kinds of warm happiness.

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  1. Jimina

     /  April 19, 2013

    Why don’t we do a sisterhood of the traveling funny book type thing? Pick person and then that person sends to next one and so forth with little note about how many times you wet your pants etc? Could be fun! And I love getting things in the post.

  2. and the award goes to………????????????????????

    • reluctantmom

       /  April 19, 2013

      I am trying to rustle up another few books – I am feeling quite bad that I only have one book and so many people who would like it.

      I hope to have a few more, if not, then I will get Isabelle to pick a name and send the book on Monday.

  3. I want to read it! I adore Jenny’s humor.

  4. Amy-Leigh Wilson

     /  April 17, 2013

    Hi. What a fantastic idea. Book sounds great and I’d love it if you picked me- haven’t had a good laugh from a book in very long time. P.O Box 101873, Scottsville, Pmb, 3209. Thank you

  5. Claire

     /  April 17, 2013

    Pick me, ag toe! PO Box 92, West Coast Village 7433

  6. Charlotte aka The Stiletto Mum

     /  April 17, 2013

    Pick me pick me

  7. Ag dammit! I’m too late, you’ve probably posted it already…I’ll just have to go buy my own copy – it sounds like an awesome read. I could definitely do with a giggle in bed.

  8. Would love this – let met know if I win and I will email you my po box. Would be great to send it on

  9. Would love this as well!

  10. I also LOVEDDDDDD her book, found myself crying with laughter all the freakin time! Love love love.

  11. OMG! I love Jenny Lawson and her post on cyber bullying had me in stitches and put a smile on my dial after I’d experienced my own version of cyber bullies a few years ago! I’d love to read her book.
    Let me know if you pick me and I’ll send you my postal address!

  12. Brilliant! Given out postal system you’ll excuse me some lack of faith, but I will go and buy one.

  13. This idea rocks!! Should I still be in with a chance please send it to P.O. Box 50309, Waterfront, Cape Town, 8002

  14. Jimina

     /  April 17, 2013

    I have also read a few of her posts. She is hilarious! Count me in too please! 19 Shetland Drive, Capri Village, 7975.

  15. Janette

     /  April 17, 2013

    Po box 4105, idasvallei , 7609

  16. Yoli

     /  April 17, 2013

    Thanks I needed that this morning!
    I dont have a blog but could I read it and then post it on to your next person?
    Think I need a bit of a pick me up and this will be the right medicine seeing that I am on a wine go slow at the minute!
    PO Box 115, Somerset West, 7130

  17. countesskaz

     /  April 17, 2013

    will email you directly with my adddress.

  18. I love Jenny Lawson! I follow her blog and follow her on twitter. So awesome. I would love the book but sadly I’m not allowed any more paperback/hard copies of books so will pass it onto some other awesome person. But glad you enjoyed it.

  19. nickyhster@gmail.com

     /  April 17, 2013

    Pick me! I love Jenny,love love love her!
    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device


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