Dog trumps cat … sorry Shlumfi, it really is not happening ….

{I got a free box of stuff – there was no pressure or request to run a post — but when someone gives you 9 rolls of 2-toilet paper, well I think the right thing to do is post about it, then toddle off to the toilet with your new gift and put it to good use}

Babysoft are running a Mascot Show Down.

I usually skip this sort of thing, but I think when they start messing with whether to take a dog of packaging to put a cat on it, then really people should not stand idly by while this injustice occurs!!

In the right hand corner, we have the cute and cuddly and doe eyed Contender #1 Softi – what is cuter than a puppy Labrador puppy?

Well, I can tell you not the cat named Shlumfi – Shlumfi looks a bit red eyed and I think he lost it for me when he was referred to as “highest pedigree”

You either have a pedigree or you don’t — a high pedigree is just an idiots way of saying that they have never seen a dog or cat’s pedigree papers have have been duped to pay far more than the animal is worth.

Also Shlumfi looks a bit goofed on cat nip if you ask me …. I just do not think we should endorse a mascot who is clearly out of it most of the time.

That besides, the Lab is clearly the winner – I tried to get Dexter in on the action – he was like “Bitch, please …..”





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  1. No ways man, dogs rule and cats drool. No wait that’s not right. Anyway, I’m on the side of the dog.

  2. randomthoughtso

     /  April 23, 2013

    We’re Team Softi too 🙂

  3. Sorry, this crazy cat lady has to stick behind Shlumfi (whose name is in fact not shlumfi) in die hard fashion. 😉

    Cats are the underdogs of animal welfare and are always stuck with the raw deal so I feel “Shlumfi” deserves a title on behalf of the welfare cats.

  4. I must say I’ve been leaning towards Shlumfi (if only he had a different name!), but you and Dexter make a good point!


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