The deep question that is ….

My brother posted this question on Facebook earlier today.

It is one of  those things that I have struggled with, and in some instances I have stood on top of the molehill and screamed “I am the King of the World” and in many cases I have been driven over by the proverbial 18-wheeler.

I spent much of today trying to write a post in answer to this question, but I got a bit stuck in my own stuff.

As you do.  Or as I do.

Maybe you know the answer – or can put some light on that path where we often find we stumble:

Question: When do you get to a point where you stop paying for the mistakes you’ve made in the past? Is that the point where you forgive yourself or when you stop seeking forgiveness from others?


Profound much?  My head is starting to hurt from the bigness of it all.

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  1. KennithB

     /  April 27, 2013

    You also have to bring in “not making the same mistakes you have made in the past” else you are not moving forward and can not expect to have others see you as moving forward.

  2. Self-forgiveness and acceptance goes hand in hand. I’ve always believed that we can only move forward once we can forgive ourselves and accept whatever has happened.

  3. Tania

     /  April 25, 2013

    I agree with both Denise and Lau, no need for me to add anymore. Stop seeking forgiveness from others.

  4. Denise

     /  April 25, 2013

    I think it has to be when you stop seeking forgiveness from others. The only thing we have any control over in our lives is how we respond to a situation, forgiveness from someone else can’t really help you on your path.

  5. Lau

     /  April 25, 2013

    In my experience, forgiving yourself doesn’t necessarily make the punishment (thought process and consequences) dissappear. Suppose it helps to feel slightly happier and relieved at some point, but then life just happens again and you forget that you remembered to forgive yourself in the first place. The forgiving others part is easier I guess.


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