ANIMAL CIRCUSES …. don’t be part of the show ….


There was a recently article on Carte Blanche which drew attention to the abuse of elephants at circuses.

The footage was shot at the Brian Boswell Circus.  I may be referring to the Brian Boswell’s Circus by name, but all circuses that keep wild animals are inherently cruel.

Even if not beaten into submission, as is the case in MANY circuses, they do not deserve to be caged up and carried across the country as performers!  The conditions are less than ideal, and at some point that animal is going refuse to perform, or be unable to perform and then what?

I really hate animals in the circus.  I really do.

I do think that as long as a market exists for circuses that feature animals, then tickets will continue to be sold, and these sort of circuses will continue to exist.

The answer is simple in terms of how to protest this sort of thing.

Refuse to buy tickets.  If you are given tickets, do not go.

Nothing convinces circus owners that an idea is not working more than no income and empty seats.

Speak to your child about why animals in a circus are not what you support, and why it is cruel.  Ask your child’s school or class to support a project about educating the children as to why circuses with people are good, but circuses with animals are not.

{The natural next question is, where will all the animals go who are in circuses once they are out of work?}


There is a really active Facebook Page happening at the moment.  Interested, check it out HERE!