Sisterhood of the Breadbin?

{yes this is a sponsored blog post, but not the bad kind, so read further – there is stuff to win at the end, and it does not require you to LIKE several things and repost or retweet or get annoying Facebook TimeLine updates from a product you really do not give a hoot about}

Sasko have approached me with a wonderful hamper they said I can give away.

I can just give it away.

I don’t have to get you to go and like a page, then go and like another page, and then re-post it on your tweet account or what ever the hop-skip-and-three-jumps that is involved with the usual give aways.

Really there is none of that malarkey over here in Reluctant Mom Land.

The kind (and generous) folks at SASKO have a hamper which includes: Carroll Boyes bread bin and Sasko branded products valued at R2000.00 – let me write that out for you in big people’s words two thousand rand!

Shit balls, if I did not write this blog, I would so enter. Like right now.

If Kennith entered and he won, would anyone judge me differently?

The team at SASKO said I just have to tell you about a sandwich.  For Mother’s Day.

Seriously it is a sandwich – there is little in the way of hidden messages here or covert sneaky advertising, other than the suggestion to buy a loaf of their bread so you can use two slices — but in their defense it is really good bread – the Honey and Oats loaf – love it, my favourite bread as a matter of fact – Pick ‘n Pay stocks it.


Make Mom a Special Mother’s Day Tea with Sasko

 Mother’s Day is the perfect time to thank your mom for everything that she does for you. Moms are there from the beginning; encouraging,  nurturing and guiding every step of the way.

The team at Sasko has created a delicious, light and suitably feminine Mother’s Day sandwich recipe that you can prepare for your mom this Mother’s Day. Invite your mom around for tea, get out the tea set, prepare the sandwiches and present lovingly with a note and a bunch of fresh flowers to really make her day.

The delightful recipe is ideal for your kids to make on Mother’s Day as well.  Just remember to get dad to assist in the kitchen!  And to ensure that in no way are you involved in the cleaning up!!

Camembert, Apple and Watercress:  Mother’s Day Delight Sandwich

 Ingredients: (makes two sandwiches)

4 slices Sasko Honey and Oats Bread {Reluctant Mom – really not punting this, but I buy this bread when ever I see it – it is delicious, and yummy and is great with big chunks of fresh avocado, a bit of coriander, salt and black pepper}

3 tbsp mayonnaise

50g walnuts/mixed nuts

125g camembert

1 handful of watercress

1 granny smith apple

Black pepper

Olive oil


Crush the nuts in a pestle and mortar or blitz in a food processor and mix with the mayonnaise and a pinch of salt

Toast the slices of bread

Spread a little of the nut mayonnaise on each slice

Cut slices of camembert and place on two of the slice of bread

Cut the apple into round slices, take out the seeds and layer a few rounds over the cheese

Grind over a black pepper and top with watercress

Drizzle over a little olive oil over the watercress and cover with the remaining toasts

So that is it.

I have a SASKO hamper, a kick arse bread-bin and I want to give it away.

Instead of you telling me to pick you. I’d like you to nominate someone.

Your person.  Your go to person.  Your chick with attitude who will use a bread bin.  Your mom.

Someone who is a mom, someone who lives next to a mom, someone who has a mom, someone who can spell MOM is fine as well.

Just someone who you think could really do with receiving a cool hamper and has bread to put in the new shiny bread bin and will make then happy (you will need access to their address, so you cannot nominate Robert Downey Junior  and then think you can saunter over there with your bread bin as a gift ….. come now people, let’s just keep this clean and in an organised fashion — though I do think arriving with a bread bin and a few loaves of bread would be a very clever and ingenious method of getting past Robert’s security detail)

SASKO in no way supports or approves any action which may result in stalking Robert Downey Junior with a breadbin.  Carrol Boyes is still a little on the fence a bit, but I do think they quite like the idea.

Robert Downey Junior

If you feel you really are the one who needs this hamper, then get your mate to log on and nominate  you.

Just leave a comment on this post with a nomination.  

Nominate someone.  Nominate yourself.  Nominate someone else.  Nominate me (just throwing it in there to give you a few options)

Entries/Comments/Nominations close on 6 May 2013 – I would like to say at 17h00, but it really is as soon as I can get to my PC and disable comments, but it will be around 17h00 and then the winner is announced on 8 May 2013.  

Right now I have no criteria, it might be random, it might be the best suggestion.  It might be the person who offers something that makes me smile – let’s play this loosey goosey –  and tah-dah we send you/your person a hamper.

Actually I think I prefer this second image of Robert Downey Junior … I am not sure how this turned into a post about Robert, but he is making me feel all warm in my secret places.

Robert Downey Junior2

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  1. reluctantmom

     /  May 6, 2013

    2013/05/06 – 20h50 in Cape Town, South Africa.

    Entries are closed for this giveaway. Comments added after this will no longer be considered for entry into the put-comments-on-a-board-and-throw-a-dart-at-it-for-consideration part of the SASKO giveaway.

  2. janefraser101

     /  May 6, 2013

    My children are VERY un-PC and we have a very inappropriate sense of humour over here so I now can not hear the name Robert DOWNIE Junior without sniggering. It’s bad, and I am sorry, but there you have it. We also love bread and Bins – I am not kidding Quinn’s nickname is ‘Bin’ (hey it’s not that bad I call his brother dumb-ass! See like I said *inappropriate*). Anyway jokes aside I know a guy who is more maternal and girlie than I am (not hard since I am not a girlie girl at all), and he is SO into Carol Boyes it is not funny and he would die to win this. He is not gay, but he does look rather like Hugh Jackman! So if you want to be unconventional and give it to a cool and caring good-hearted guy. I got one for you.

  3. Anneke Victor

     /  May 6, 2013

    No one deserves a kick ass breadbin more than my Mom! Without her I wont be the kick ass person that I’m today and I cannot thank God enough for giving her to me as a mom and to my kids as a grandmother. She rocks in more ways than anyone can make different sandwhiches with Sasko Bread 🙂

  4. I want to nominate my mom, because any breadbin whatsoever would look kick ass in her kitchen, she always has bread and no breadbin to put it into, and lastly but not leastly we are both also big fans of Robert Downey junior.

  5. What an attractive man!

    • reluctantmom

       /  May 6, 2013

      Yes, he does make my heart do a little flitter-flutter ….

  6. countesskaz

     /  May 6, 2013

    I nominate my good friend Cherry. Cherry is married and 44yrs old and doesn’t have any kids. I nominate her because she gladly sits and listens to us bang on and on about our kids at bookclub and every other social occasion. She rejoices with us when they get good reports and their milk teeth fall out. She listens to us argue about schools, she listens to us bitch about their bad habits and naughty behaviour, even though I know she would love a child. She comes to every kiddies party armed with a thoughtful birthday present. She reads and plays with our kids. She also listens and kindly advices me on extra remedial for my daughter Molly. Did I also mention that she never skiners and only has kind words to say? I KID you not! A true angel.

    Cherry may not be a MOM, but she lives next to a mom, she has a mom and I’m pretty sure she can spell MOM as well.

    She may not be a MOM but she is a kick ass AUNT.

    And she is THE BEST aunt to ALL our kids.

  7. Amanda Mc

     /  April 30, 2013

    I would nominate my very dearest friend Claire Banks. Her and her husband & their 2 boys are in the process of becoming a Place of Safety for young boys. They are the most incredible people who are so generous to everyone around them. So with potentially almost 10, 4-8year old boys in the house, who are constantly hungry, bread will be a necessity in their home and an additional bread bin much needed 😀

  8. Leanne

     /  April 28, 2013

    Hi, I nominate my mom. She was retrenched last week. Her retrenchment package is 6 months salary after 25 freaking years. At 59 we know she may not find another job and so have been joking that sarmies may be a frequent dinner guest in the future. At least with this bread-bin she can eat them in style 😉


  9. Yum! What a lovely idea.

    I would like to nominate my best friend in the whole wide world, Anne-Marie (Annie) Breet. Annie is a huge Carrol Boyes fan, and the bestest mother in the world, and she is expecting twins! They are due at the end of May, but the Caesarean is scheduled middle May, but the doctor suspect they may want to force their entrance into this world earlier! I am on holiday in Peru at the moment, and she promised she will try and hold them in until I am back on the 9th of May. She send me a message and said “Ek sal knyp tot jy terug is”.

    Annie has a boy of her own (aged 3) and her husband’s 2 kids, (aged 5 and 6) lives with them. So, if you are okay in maths you will quickly work out that in less than 3 weeks time, she will have 5 kids under the age of 7 in the house! So, I am sure she can do with all the bread and SASKO products you can send her way!

  10. Dhesh

     /  April 27, 2013

    Love this bread! I nominate ME, ME, ME!..yep, I’m selfish that way but with a prize this awesome that’s how I roll 🙂

  11. I nominate my Mom, Evelyn Mc George, who after 3 marriages and the hardest life, now lives in a little one roomed Granny Flat with one of her Grand Daughters and 4 Great Grand Children. We all believe she has done a great job raising us with the little help she received. My father gave her NO HELP WHAT-SO-EVER. I hope she wins this as this would be a great Birthday Present for her on the 5th May when she turns 77

    • Tpops

       /  April 30, 2013

      I never commented before Celeste – but am throwing my vote in with Stella. Stella your mom sounds like such a fantastic person!! And what more to sparkle up a granny flat than a Carroll Boyes breadbin?

  12. Alexandra

     /  April 26, 2013

    I would like to nominate my mother who lives 40 minutes away from me but once a week she drives through to collect the children from school and spend the afternoon with them and stays until they have supper which means I can go shopping, work late etc. She also always leaves a frozen meal in my freezer which makes all the difference on thos nights when I cannot face cooking.

  13. Nadia Sydney

     /  April 26, 2013

    I would like to nominate my friend Haneem. Having lost both her parents in the last 18 months, I feel she will make use of those Sasko products, making it more special she will be making delicious treats in her childhood home, where she has many fond memories of her mom baking (she inherited her mom’s great cooking skills). I too, has suffered heartache over the past 18 months, and even though she was going through such a big loss, she was selfless enough to also be there for me. And not only that she really likes Carol Boyes and can’t really afford it as her husband got retrenched a month after her dad passed away (in March),

  14. Nominating my Mom, as well! She shouldn’t be eating bread at all, but she just loves it!! 😉
    Thinking about her this upcoming Mother’s Day!

  15. Laura Mileham

     /  April 26, 2013

    Belinda “the bestest friend in the world” Ross gets my nomination! Firstl,y she put me onto this awesome blog! Secondly, she has just pulled through having multiple near death experiences everytime she walks past her 3 daughters’ empty bedrooms up there in Lusaka where her larger than life, laugh a minute husband, Andrew is a Breweries Big Man. Julia, Alyssa and Lindsay have all gone off to boarding school in far away Grahamstown and that, my dear Celeste, is enough reason why she needs, the bread, the bin and the entire kit and caboodle!

  16. Jacqui

     /  April 26, 2013

    Hi , I nominate my BFF Leanda , she is my wall(rock) she is always there for me and has become my Sister she knows everything about me and still likes me and she is also a working Mom of two gorgeous girls just like I am so she gives me advise and helps me get over my Mommy guilt days..
    My life would be dull and boring without her.
    So I think she deserves this hamper for all she does for me.

  17. Andrea

     /  April 26, 2013

    I nominate my buddy Natalie Mc. I can rant and I can rave and I can scream and I can pretty much tell her anything, before she pistol whips my ass and brings me back down to reality. She is “my” person…

  18. This one goes out to my Momsy because, besides being awesome, she also actually uses a bread bin. And it’s hideous and needs to be replaced stat.

    I could really go into detail about how she juggles looking after my disabled Dad, working and still coming over to help me with my kids when I need it, but really her bread bin is orange, and plastic and yuck and needs to be replaced. Her name is Dawn, and she’s amazing!

  19. Charlotte aka The Stiletto Mum

     /  April 26, 2013

    I will nominate my mother. Carol Coetzee. As you know I have been a single parent for almost 7 years and my mothers has been by my side for those 7 years. She has helped me financially all these years, without once holding it over my head. she is the best mother ever!

  20. This is the best give-away post I ever read. I would love to nominate my mom coz she is always there when I need her and I couldn’t ask for a better mom than her.

  21. Okay, feel free to nominate me, anyone. I will nominate you back, maybe, in a half-assed way so that I can remain the winner!
    Okay then. I nominate Debbie Farrell too. She is amazing. And too annoyingly skinny. Feed her bread!

  22. Jenny

     /  April 26, 2013

    The sandwich sounds amazing! I want to nominate my friend and colleague Debbie Farrell – she is fostering her 3 month old nephew and raising her 11 year old son on her own. She saved her nephew from a mom who is now in rehab and just took him in without question and with no maternity leave or financial help. She is a true superhero in my eyes.

  23. You had me at Rob. He’s so good looking 🙂

    Can I be vain and nominate myself! I’m the best non-mom mom 😆 OK on a more serious note I nominate my mama Alice. She’s the best mom a girl could ask for, selfless and kind. And to say thank you to her for not throwing me out of the house all those 100+ times I told her I hated her or that she must have picked me up from somewhere when all she was doing was moulding me into the woman I am today. Yep I was a typical teenager 😉

    Ps: thanks for making this easy. I can tell you dislike those convuluted competition entries like me – tweet this, follow on fb, like on xyz …

  24. I would have to nominate my mom. Together we have been through more than I can begin to express here. She is not only my mother, but also my confidant and my best friend. When God made mothers, he definitely gave me the best one. She has been through so much and deserve to be treated! Alta Pretorius, without her I can not imagine being where I am today!

  25. Jimina

     /  April 26, 2013

    I nominate my Mom, aka Nana Lucy, Crazy Granny and Soakie Sue (We drink wine together. Alot). Lucy Fatima Sequira Van Zyl. Yes that is her real name. She is the bestest ever and helps me out so much with my kids. And she collects Carroll Boyes and this would be such an awesome surprise!

  26. Ros Koch

     /  April 26, 2013

    Yip, second image definitely better. Too polished and pouty in the first…
    …ooh, sorry… were we supposed to be talking about bread bins?


     /  April 26, 2013

    WOW Celeste, love it I am impressed phm a sponsored blog post, 🙂

    I nominate my sister as my go to person our Mom passed away when we were little and as we grew older we formed such a strong bond that we are “Moms” to each other. Anything exciting, sad or a vent moment happening in our lives, advise on kids, marraige, work, friendships you name it we always there for each other. We literally speak to each other every single day. I would like to nominate her Olivia Bezuidenhout.

  1. Winning ….. with bread and stuff |
  2. Want to get in on the bread bin action? |

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