Christiaan Conradie – no one does old ladies like you!!

The Bellville Library has an art exhibit area, and I pop in there from time to time and take a walk around.

The gallery often has interesting work, and artists I might never see, just because our paths don’t cross.  It is free, so if you are in the area, stop by.

Today I saw this piece by Christiaan Conradie and if I had a cheque book I would have written out a cheque right there.

(And the cheque would have bounced, and the Sherriff of the court would arrive to repossess my furniture as I hid in the wendy house with this painting, because no one is going to take this away from me … my precious)

I did not take the picture of the picture featured below – I “borrowed” it off the website – so it unfortunately does not really give you a clear idea of how fantastic this artist’s work is.  I plan to go and look again on Thursday.  Yes I can visit a piece of art if I like, I am grown up like that.


I got home today and googled Christiaan Conradie, and oh my word, how brilliant is his work?  I love the piece I saw today.  Do you think I could buy it, put it on my wall and when Kennith goes: “What the fuck is that?”

I can just go: “What, that ….. I’ve had that for ages …. you’ve just never noticed…” and then I can pick a fight with him about how he never notices anything I do, and so the fight can begin.

Anything to draw attention away from the painting on the wall.

Here are some examples of his work:-





I really am beside myself with his work.

Trying to figure out the cost of the painting I saw today, divide it by 54 months and find out if he has a buy-now-and-keep-and-pay-me-with-really-small-installment plan, and really where would I put it just so I could sit and just stare at it all day.

More on this artist.