I just locked myself out of Facebook ….

I just locked myself out of Facebook.

Stupid giant fingers.  Stupid small keys on my iphone.  Stupid sleeping medication that was kickig in.

I am out of Facebook.  In error. I wasn’t trying to teach myself a valuable lesson about social media and how I should make better life choices.

I can’t believe how abandoned and lost I am feeling without access to Facebook.  The kind folks at Facebook said they have reset my details but for my own safety I need to wait 23 hours and 59 minutes before I am permitted back onto the Facebook playground.

They really should have a similiar thing for drunk Facebooking —- anyway, I am in time out until I am allowed back.

Carry on as you were!

Want to get in on the bread bin action?

Tomorrow is cut off day for the SASKO hamper with the fabulous bread bin give away.

If you are keen to enter, just pop along to the original post and leave a comment. {not this post, hence the reason the comments on this post have been disabled …. I am clever like that}

SASKO and the Carrol Boyes have absolutely nothing to do with Robert Downey Junior.

Go along, leave a comment, nominate someone who deserves SASKO bread products.  And a bread bin.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

There is no need to retweet, or go and like another page, or even like this page, no need to like a page on Facebook.  You have a 1 in 30 (or however ever comments there are) of winning.  You really can not get better odds than that.

There  is none of all that crap that drives me insane with competitions – where I end up getting a product on my Facebook timeline that I usually would not like to hear from every bleeding day.  This is not THAT competition, it’s a give away.

Nominate anyone you like – nominate you, nominate me (still keeping it out there) nominate your aunt, your hairy neighbour, your favourite school teacher.

Anyone you think needs bread and a bread bin, and a little smile this May.

For some reason when I think of bread bins, I get fixated (and side tracked for an hour on pinterest) with Robert Downey Junior images.